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Commanders WR Terry McLaurin, Patrick Reed’s Lawsuit, The Big Ten On CBS + Mt Rushmore Of Precrime

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🗓️ 19 August 2022

⏱️ 95 minutes

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The Big Ten is back and has taken the CBS theme song with the new TV deal (00:02:40-00:05:42). 11 year old kid runs on the field during a White Sox Game and Shohei Ohtani is fulfilling the best Baseball Tweet (00:09:11-00:14:21) . Patrick Reed sues Brandlee Chamblis in an all time lawsuit ( 00:16:46-00:24:56). Mt Rushmore of Precrime (00:24:56-00:55:28). Washington Commanders WR Terry McLaurin joins the show to talk about his new contract, being turned down by Urban Meyer, and tons more (00:55:28-01:22:40). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week (01:22:40-01:32:40:28).

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Hey, part of my take listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon music.


On today's part in my take, Washington Commander Terry McClureen,


we have the Mount Rushmore of Pre-Crime. We catch up on a bunch of stuff going on in the sports world,


Fire Fest of the Week in Patrick Reads lawsuit against our good friend, Bradley Chambleess.


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This is actually a very good question, and it's going to tell us a lot about Hank. See Sweet Hank.


I think it's got to be the 50-yard line at Gillette. But where, like, lower bowl, top bowl?


Middle of the lower bowl. Wrong, wrong. The best seats are on the first row top level 50-yard line.


That's the all-22, baby. That's the all-22. You can see everything.


That's actually an obstructed seat at FedEx. You can't sit there.


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