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Coming soon: How It Happened: Trump's Last Stand

How It Happened


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🗓️ 15 January 2021

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Axios's new documentary series premieres Monday. Featuring the reporting of Jonathan Swan, go inside the last days of the Trump administration with never before reported details.

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I'm Jonathan Swan, I'm a reporter. I've been covering Donald Trump for years. We had


a memorable interview last year. We're lower than the world, lower than Europe, and what?


So how much damage can a sitting president do in a day or a week or two months? This


is a new podcast from Axios that tells the inside story of what's happened since the


election. I'll take you inside the Oval Office, Donald Trump's living room, and Air Force


1 to reveal some of the most astonishing, never before reported moments from his final weeks


in office. What really happened between Donald Trump and Mike Pence? What was going on inside


the US intelligence community as Donald Trump tried to overturn an election? And how did a crew


of conspiracists come to direct his legal strategy? This is my best attempt to get you inside


the room for this first draft of history. How it happened? Trump's last stand.


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