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Coach Builder Part 9—The Essential Qualities of a Respected Coach

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

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🗓️ 2 April 2024

⏱️ 28 minutes

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What are the characteristics of a great coach? Knowing your field inside out is crucial, but there's something else just as important: soft skills. These are the skills that help you connect on a personal level, earn trust, and provide real value to your clients. Unfortunately, a lot of coaches overlook this area, focusing only on their technical expertise. They miss out on truly connecting with their clients and making a lasting impact. But if you want to succeed as a coach, soft skills aren’t an option—they’re a necessity.

In the 9th and final episode of the Coach Builder limited series, host Donald Miller joined by producer Bobby Richards, tackle the often-underestimated world of soft skills for coaches. Don explores the qualities that endear us to coaches and cause us to respect them. He offers actionable advice on how to cultivate these qualities within yourself to set you apart as a coach and amplify your impact on clients' lives. Tune in and learn invaluable strategies for improving empathy, communication, and trust-building techniques, ensuring you leave a meaningful mark on your clients' lives.

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Coaches are very highly respected, highly regarded because they help other people win.


But what are the characteristics of a great coach?


What are the characteristics that endear us to them?


Cause us to respect them.


We are going to explore all of that


and what is the last episode of the Coach Builder limited series.


Been so thankful that you've been hanging out with us this long.


You're going to love today's


episode because it's all about step eight, mastering the soft skills of a great


coach. With that, welcome to Coach Builder, a Business Made Simple


podcast limited series, teaching you exactly how to turn your skills


and expertise into a successful coaching business. All of this is based on my new


book Coach Builder. It is out now you can go get it on Amazon Barnes and Noble wherever you buy books I am your


host Donald Miller. Bobby, I've got a question for you. It has to do with today's episode, which by the way, is the final episode of the Coach Builder Limited series.


This is, this is the final time you say,


Bobby, I have a question for you.


We're talking about Step 8, which is Master the Soft Skills of Coaching.


So Coach Builder is the book you go to if you're thinking about


starting a coaching business or if you want to grow your existing coaching


business and there are eight steps. Step eight is master the soft skills of


coaching. What really a soft skill is is your ability to connect and to earn trust and to add value.


So connect means somebody likes you and you feel a kinship with them. Earn trust means I'm willing, basically to be vulnerable with you,


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