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Coach Builder Part 4—Building a Coaching Website That Keeps Your Client Pipeline Full

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 27 February 2024

⏱️ 27 minutes

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Your coaching website is the first thing people see about you, so it needs to make a good impression fast. But more importantly, it needs to be all about the people you want to help. This means when they visit your site, they should feel like you’re talking right to them. It should clearly explain that you understand their problems and have the perfect way to help solve them. But most coaches are getting this wrong. So how do you create a website that makes it easy for potential clients to see why they should choose you as a coach?

In the 4th episode of our Coach Builder limited series, host Donald Miller and producer Bobby Richards, show you how to design a coaching website that helps you land more clients and increase your revenue. Don also teaches you the common pitfalls to avoid in your website design and messaging, as well as what needs to be included for your website to resonate with potential clients. Tune in and learn how to leverage your website as a powerful tool for building relationships and growing a successful coaching business.

To get the BONUS Coach Websites That Work PDF Don called out in this episode, go to CoachBuilder.com/WebsitePDF.

Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast.

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Every coach needs a website so that they can drum up business, but what should be on that website?


I'll tell you what probably shouldn't be on that website. I've been coaching since X.


This is where I got the name of my company. I love coaching clients who whatever.


None of that. There's a much better way to make a coaching website and there's stuff you can put on


your coaching website that will without question double the coaching


business that you have or help you start a coaching business and get to a


hundred grand in less than a year and it's not what you think it's not the stuff that you think it is a lot of it is just


good relationship building with that welcome to coach builder a business


made simple podcast limited series teaching you exactly how to turn your skills and expertise into a successful


coaching business.


It is all based on my new book, Coach Builder, which releases on March 12th.


I am your host, Donald Miller. Today we are tackling step three of the


Coach Builder framework that is getting your website and your sales pitch


right and by sales pitch I mean your website is a sales pitch so if you get your


website right your sales pitch naturally takes


care of itself a lot of people don't understand that if your website isn't


attracting clients by the end of this episode you'll know the critical parts of


an effective sales pitch and how to create a compelling sales pitch on your website. Hey Bobby what do you think are the four places the four opportunities that every business coach, every coach period, has to deliver a sales pitch.


I didn't know there's going to be a quiz.


Oh no. Okay. Well I don't mean like physical places like you have talking points that make people want to do business with you.


Right. In what for context would you use those talking points? Okay, definitely first and foremost on a website.


Ding-ding-ding-ding- Now bonus that's what we're going to talk about on today's episode.


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