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Coach Builder Part 3—How to Build A Client List from Scratch

Business Made Simple with Donald Miller

Business Made Simple

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🗓️ 20 February 2024

⏱️ 28 minutes

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Do you dream of launching a successful coaching business but find yourself paralyzed by the question: "Where will my clients come from?" Tackling this fear is a critical turning point that can either propel you forward or leave you questioning your goals, making what should be an exciting career shift seem overwhelming. Countless would-be coaches find themselves hesitating, torn between making the leap or staying put. So how can you make sure your client pipeline is always full?

In the 3rd episode of our Coach Builder limited series, host Donald Miller offers some much-needed guidance for those lost in the maze of client acquisition and management. Based on frameworks in his new book Coach Builder, Don shows you a simple yet effective system to create and manage a list of possible clients. You’ll get practical advice on how to organize a database of people who might be interested in your coaching services and turn them into paying customers. Listen in and get actionable strategies for finding and keeping clients, so you can confidently grow a profitable coaching business.

Pre-order Coach Builder, Donald Miller's new book, at CoachBuilderBook.com/Podcast.

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Do you find it hard to identify and communicate with potential clients?


You just don't know where your next client is going to come from.


If that's the case for you, we will address this issue and by the end of our time together,


you will have a simple and effective system to organize your client


pipeline and convert leads into paying customers.


It is a critical, critical part of growing a coaching business.


First of all acquiring and then managing client leads.


With that welcome to Coach Builder, a business-made simple podcast limited series to teach


you exactly how to turn your skills and expertise into a successful coaching business. It is all based on my new book, Coach Builder,


and it is now available. You go on Amazon, Barnes, Noble wherever you buy books and


grab Coach Builder. I am your host Donald Miller. In this episode we are


focusing on step two of the Coach Builder framework,


creating and managing a potential client list. Hey, it's me and Bobby Richards, our podcast producer. Bobby, how are you today? I'm doing


Don, how are you doing? And we are on step two of how to pivot your career into


a coaching business. And you know I told you a story earlier today I was with a guy who writes for E-SPN.com


writes for the magazine, writes for the television show, all that kind of stuff and I


told him did you know you could be a coach and he kind of looked at me


blankly he's you know he's in his 50s he's written probably thousands of


stories and he's written whole books he's got an incredible mind and you know in your


50s do you just want to keep getting on airplanes and doing all this goes I said you know you could be a coach.


And he was like, what do you talk about?


I could be a coach.


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