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Classics Revisited: Eva Peron

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Daniel Mainwaring

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🗓️ 9 December 2023

⏱️ 28 minutes

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One of the most enjoyable interviews I have had over the past two years was with Prof. Margaret Schwartz from Fordham University about Eva Peron. Clearly, I wasn’t alone as that episode was the most listened to of all episodes released within the last year. Next season, Prof. Schwartz will return with an episode on the late Lady Diana. But, in the meantime here is a chance for new listeners to hear the episode or for long-term listeners to get a refresher. In July 1952, some 3 million people gathered in the heart of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. They had come to pay their last respects to Eva Peron the President’s wife. Overcome by emotion, the frenzied crowd poured forward leading to a crush in which 8 people were killed and thousands injured. Despite the huge crowds, Eva Peron or Evita as she was known was a divisive figure and her death was a milestone in rather than the end of her political influence in Argentina. In this episode, I explore the story of Evita. Featuring Dr Margaret Schwartz Associate Professor (Phd. University of Iowa) at Fordham University and author of Dead Matter: The Meaning of Iconic Corpses. Music from Pixabay

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In July 1952,


1952, some 3 million people gathered in the heart of the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.


They had come to pay their last respects to Ava Perron, the president's wife.


Overcome by emotion, a frenzied crowd poured forward, leading to a crush in which eight people


were killed and thousands injured.


Despite the huge crowds, Ava Perone or Evita, as she was known, was a divisive figure,


and her death was a milestone in rather than the end of her political


influence in Argentina.


In this episode I explore the story of Avita.


Ava Peron was born in 1919 into the lowest social run of Argentine society.


She was a female in a patriarchal nation.


She was illegitimate in a conservative Catholic country, and her mother was a pauper shunned by society for being an unwed single parent.


Despite her humble origins, Ava had big dreams.


She ran away with a musician to Born Azarese, with the idea of being a movie


actress. The relationship didn't last, but despite the odds, she forged a successful career for herself as an actress.


Her life changed forever, when it to fundraise her for earthquake victims, she met a widowed military veterans. a fundraiser


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