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🗓️ 5 January 2023

⏱️ 42 minutes

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This week on "Hello, Ross", my personal nutritionist Dr. Sheila Hughes pops by just in time for New Year's resolutions to walk us through the emotional and physical pitfalls of trying to lose weight. How do we start? Can we cheat? And, most importantly, how to make peace with ourselves at the weight we are at now? Follow Ross on social media! Instagram: @HelloRoss Twitter: @HelloRoss TikTok: @HelloRoss Facebook.com/HelloRoss Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can watch the full interview that includes the final five, questions from the listeners! New interviews drop every Friday at 12pmET/9amPT. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLutjSNT2sWl1abMv-pR53-9bPA7ihUkZG Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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This week on a new year's episode of Hello Ross, my personal nutritionist to the stars and to regular people like us,


Dr Sheila Hughes pops by to say,


Maybe you ate more vegetables today than you did, right? It's a step forward and it


matters and it still counts because that's the way we make long-term changes. All that and, oh girl, so much more.


It's a new year and a brand new episode of Hello Ross.


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to move your business forward. Learn, did you hear the news. And I know what so many people are doing right now.


This time of year, we all do it.


We make those resolutions.


We make a decision to do something good for us to change the way we live and for I would say like you know a few of us like 99.9999999999999.99% of us that usually means trying to lose weight getting ourselves I'm going to go to the gym every day this year. I'm not going to eat a carb at all in 2023.


I'll tell you right now that's probably on the last till Thursday. And no judgment. It's so confusing. I have struggled with why wait my entire life.


You know I just I didn't understand food growing up and I was always chubby and it became my identity and


then I was just who I was and then I went on this TV show you guys remember Celebrity Fit Club so weird so weird you know


They're like hi here's nutritionist you won't see them for two weeks now go go kayak against Screach from Say by the Bell.


Okay, see, and it was like, you know, I ate nothing. I was so, they weighed me in on national television.


And it was just, you know, that's a great diet for a second because once the cameras stopped rolling, I ordered pizza and just gained it back and more and more and more. It's because I didn't understand it. I went on diets. I was up, I was down,


I was so confused, I was so embarrassed. Oh my God, every time I put weight back on I just was just in but I was just mortified


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