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🗓️ 20 January 2023

⏱️ 46 minutes

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Ross is turning the microphone on YOU as he opens the Zoom phone lines and randomly picks up on listeners. Nothing's off limits as you steer the convo wherever you want. What will happen next? Who will call? What will they ask? Listen now and find out! Follow Ross on social media! Instagram: @HelloRoss Twitter: @HelloRoss TikTok: @HelloRoss Facebook.com/HelloRoss Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can watch the full interview that includes the Final Five, questions from the listeners! New interviews drop every Friday at 12pmET/9amPT. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLutjSNT2sWl1abMv-pR53-9bPA7ihUkZG Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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This week on a really adventurous and exciting episode of Hello Ross.




Oh my God, am I talking to you?


You are talking to me.


What is your name?


I have no idea who is here.


It's going to be some of you.


We'll see what happens together.


It's all around.


At M&M we sell big brands at low prices. Our clothes and


footwear are always up to 65% less and so are our radio ads.


So here's some Calypso music to fill the time. M&M, big brands, low prices, always up to 65% less than our RP. Well, hello everybody and welcome to a very like very interesting new way of


way of doing Hello Ross. You know I started the show because I really wanted people


who were interesting to pop by and say hi and we've had incredible people I


mean Chelsea Hanler guy Fayettey, Teresa Caputo. And we've had incredible people, I mean, Chelsea handler,


guy Fayettei, Teresa Caputo, interesting, fascinating people.


And, you know, the truth is, I love sort of like broadcasting


in a way where I've never done it, where it's just like broadcasting in a way where I've never done it where it's just like me in a room and a thing it's not how I do it you know this is all about


connecting with people it's a whole point I mean that's why the show and my social media are all hello, Ross, because it's about me saying hello to you and you saying hello to me. And so as I'm, you know, this show is a sort of work in progress and we're figuring it out and and I'm really trying to feel like what I want to do I had to like sit myself down and say what it what's the whole point what do you want to do you know with this podcast it's like output is one thing. Okay, right? Here's me and


da da da da da. Great. But like for me it's about it's about the connecting, you know, it's about like, hi you, hi me,


and I love interviewing people who do extraordinary things. We'll keep doing that here.


We absolutely will. You know know you never know what kind of


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