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Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley, Tom Wilson Fight Night And Fyre Fest Of The Week

Pardon My Take

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🗓️ 6 May 2021

⏱️ 88 minutes

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Elon Musk is hosting SNL and we help him out (3:24 - 5:55). Tom Wilson fight night at MSG. Schefter gives context to the Aaron Rodgers drama and Blake Bortles may sign with the Packers (5:55 - 28:57). LA Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley joins the show to talk about his football journey to LA, coaching some of the best players, Bolt Man, and a new Football Guy term for our repertoire (28:57 - 67:37). We finish by ripping a few card packs and Fyre Fest of the Week.

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Hey part of my take listeners, you can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.


Prime members can listen, add free on Amazon Music.


On today's part of my take, we have Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley on the show


Awesome Interview New Football Guide term that will be unveiled. You have to listen for it,


but it is awesome. Maybe we'll make merch for it. I don't know. We'll figure it out,


but very, very fun interview. We have a little Adam Schefter dropping a bomb about the


Aaron Rodgers situation. Tom Wilson fought the entire New York Rangers, Blake Bordel's possibly


the Packers, Fire Fest of the Week, and our first ever card, what do you call it? Card pack,


Carder, Carden Rod, we're ripping, we're ripping packs. We're gonna rip a pack. We're gonna


fucking rip a pack at the end of the show and whatever we get and we sell it, we'll then disperse it


to whoever guesses the number correctly on our code. Was that confusing enough? And I'll match.


And I'll match times two. Fuck, I can't do that. All right, that's good.


Into the show, we're brought to you by our friends at Cours Celter. There's nothing more refreshing


than a Cours Celter. Not only does it taste refreshing, but every 12 pack purchased, refreshes,


the rivers with 500 gallons of water. Now that's refreshing, available in naturally flavored black


cherry mango lemon lime and grapefruit. We are on a mission with Cours Celter to save the river,


so we got a Cours Celter scoreboard installed right behind Hank. You probably see it when we shoot


to Hank. The scoreboard is gonna track the amount of cases AWLs and Barstool HQ drink throughout


the rest of the year. The goal is to restore 1 million gallons of river water with 2000 cases


of Cours Celter. If we hit 2000 cases, Hank will have to go fishing and prove he can catch a fish


with his bare hands in the East River. AWLs, what? No, I'm not. I'm breathing in. I had Hudson in my


copy. I will. East. Yeah, East. Okay, East. All right. You know what? We'll give you a shot at both.


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