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CBS Mag 3.08 | El Carnaval de Santa Cruz

Coffee Break Spanish

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🗓️ 20 March 2020

⏱️ 25 minutes

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Mark, Fernanda and Anabel are back for another episode of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. This week we're heading to Tenerife for El Carnaval de Santa Cruz! Listener Iris has a question about the use of the words época and tiempo when talking about time, and Anabel shares a couple of interesting expressions.

In each episode of this 10-lesson season for intermediate learners you can build your vocabulary, increase your understanding of grammar and learn to use the Spanish language in a more natural way. This series is aimed at intermediate Spanish learners. If you have a question for the show, call our voicemail lines: UK - +44 (0) 141 416 6880; US (347) 474 6880; Australia (08) 7200 6880, or visit coffeebreakquestions.com and leave us your message.

There will be a total of 10 episodes of Season 1 of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary. lists and exercises, you can access the premium version of the Magazine on the Coffee Break Academy.

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This is Mark from Coffee Break. This episode is brought to you in conjunction with Tenerife


Tourism Corporation, a destination that awakens emotions. If you'd like to practice your


Spanish while enjoying an outdoor adventure, Tenerife or La Isla de Tenerife should be


your next destination, with nine golf courses, hiking and walking trails, windsurfing, paragliding


and diving all year round. Emersh yourself in sports. Emersh yourself in Tenerife.


Hi, this is Mark from Coffee Break. This episode of the Coffee Break Spanish magazine is being


published on the 20th of March 2020. Needless to say, we're extremely conscious of the


situation around the world with the rapid spread of coronavirus. This episode was recorded


a few weeks ago, so please bear that in mind as you listen. We hope that you enjoy the episode


and that like all our episodes, you find it useful to help you and your continued study


of Spanish. Let's go on with the episode.


Coffee Break Spanish magazine season three, episode eight.


Hola a todos y bienvenidos a Coffee Break Spanish. Estamos de vuelta. Hola amigos, como están


todos? ¿Qué tal, Veranda? Muy bien, ¿y tú, Mark? Sí, súper bien, súper bien y muy


contento de estar aquí. Otra vez en el estudio grabando un episodio de Coffee Break Spanish.


Hoy tenemos un texto interesante porque vamos a, estamos en España esta semana, pero


estamos en una parte de España que está un poco lejos de la peninsula, digamos. Vamos


a Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Ay, me encantaría ir ahora mismo.


¿Qué es de vacaciones? ¿Qué es de vacaciones? ¿Qué es de vacaciones? ¿Qué es de vacaciones?


No, no, nunca he visitado, sí, pero me gustaría y tú has visitado.


No, nunca, nunca tampoco.


Planear un Coffee Break vacaciones.


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