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Cats land another! Kentucky basketball roster & schedule updates | Sources Say

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🗓️ 16 May 2024

⏱️ 70 minutes

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Last week it was nine, now it’s 11 for Mark Pope and Kentucky basketball. Trent Noah made the decision to flip from South Carolina to the Wildcats late last week, followed by the most recent addition of Fairleigh Dickinson transfer Ansley Almonor. What do those signings mean for Kentucky? And what’s next for the Wildcats with two scholarship spots remaining? All eyes are on North Florida’s Chaz Lanier and BYU’s Jaxson Robinson, both exploring their draft options with UK seen as a top contender should they decide to pull out. Is this roster competitive as currently constructed? And what needs to be added to take it to the next level in Pope’s first season in Lexington? Sources Say breaks it down tonight in episode 335. You can watch the show in its entirety below: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Welcome in episode 3.35 of the source of say podcast, your go to Kentucky basketball and recruiting


podcasts on the growing KSR podcast network. I'm your host Jack Pilgrim of


Kentucky Sports Radio. Very excited to be joined once again by the one and


only Sean Smith. Sean, how the heck are you?


Fantastic it's been a while feels good to be on here and talking about the


latest developments were a little bit behind here We haven't got to talk about Trent,


Noah. Obviously another commitment today, Jack, but the weeks have been stacking up


and Mark Pope's been doing an excellent job. Yeah, I guess I don't want to address that real quick.


So had a little family health scare this week that obviously kind of put this on the back burner,


put everything else on the back burner, put everything else on the back burner.


Had a couple seizure scares with Billy.


He was just kind of acting very not himself,


sent some videos over to our pediatrician, and they were very, very concerned and told us to rush over to the emergency room and we spent 24 hours over it.


Norton Children in Louisville and got some testing done.


Unfortunately, everything came back clear and no, you know, it was more just kind of a weird mix of behavioral and


some other little minor things that kind of resulted in a very bizarre looking


kind of off-putting behavior for him that resembled like


recurring seizure so it's a very very traumatic that what the


pediatrician thought it could have been was like life changing


potentially for him with developmentally and all that so we went from him


being totally totally fine waking up


Tuesday morning to being in the hospital for 24 hours thinking that our life


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