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Catching Up with Lena Waithe

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 17 August 2020

⏱️ 40 minutes

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Lena Waithe gets into virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss auditioning for Master of null, writing Queen & Slim, and discovering your artistic voice.

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Everybody loves a lover. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me anyhow. That's how I feel.


Wow, I feel just like a polyanna.


Hey everybody and welcome to yet another immortal episode of In Bad with Nick and Megan, the world renowned number one podcast,


busting all of the charts only in my mind. Starring Nick Offerman featuring his wife me and special guest starring the luminous, powerful diva Lena


WAVE Lena you look like a kingpin pen in that lighting. I mean you are a kingpin. Who am I kidding? Okay, you know, you look you're you look in the part.


Um we're talking to Lena on zoom and she's got some very powerful dramatic backlighting happening. I know it looks pretty cool. I know I'm a I'm going to turn around. I like it. It's all I'm it. It's all I like seeing your face though. So whatever you want to do.


I know. I'll take a good face. Yeah, thank you. Hey Lena. So you guys know Lena from lots of things many many things because she is she's a power player.


She's kicking ass and taking names as the used to say back in the day. You know, the first thing you guys might know her from is master of none.


That amazing show. One of my all time favorites and um so Lena you were on it. But then you also won that you were the first black woman to win an Emmy for writing, which is so fucking cool.


For outstanding writing and a comedy. See her. All right. Good. Got it.


You know, well, it's that that was very much an honor for me because of how much I love half our television. Um and I grew up on multi cans. So that was a different kind of rhythm.


I know, uh, but also too like multi cans is what ruled everything probably I mean I studied a more show I studied rota, uh, family, mod things like that and all the way up to obviously friends and willing grace.


But it really shifted you know with 30 rock and and that happened when I was living in LA. So it was all of a sudden everything I knew changed.


Okay. This is new. This is different. Um and and it was this new way. Not that it was like new but it was different from what we all knew. And so I kind of had to learn a new language, but I, but I wrote a spec script for for 30 rock.


Who they don't know what that is. That's where you write a script of a show as if you're on the show. Even though you know, it's like the addition kind of yeah.


Yeah. It's a way to show people that you can mimic someone's voice and and that 30 rock spec got me a lot of attention. Um and and got people to talk about me.


And I think it was because it was a new way of speaking for half our television and then obviously fast forward to me being on a show like master of none, which is absolutely a descendant of 30 rock.


How do you mean Aussies? How did that all get started? I never even asked you that.


Yeah. I honestly met him in a very interesting audition process. He, um, Alison Jones changed my life. She cast that.


Nick too. Cause she cast parts in a rock. Yeah. Alison Jones. Um, we love Alison. Yeah.


She um, she actually sort of like back in me. She saw this thing I had done on on on YouTube, which was a presentation for what ultimately became 20s, which I'm not in.


But for some reason, she said, I want to meet the girl behind this. Who was behind this. And so I want to go meet her. I didn't know who she was. Um, because I didn't know.


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