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CAPTURED: Rocky Mountain Killer

Crime Junkie


True Crime

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🗓️ 23 August 2021

⏱️ 35 minutes

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Two notorious murder cases stay ice cold for decades, until a mysterious clue helps bring a killer to justice.

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Hi, Crime Junkies. I'm your host, Ashley Flowers, and I'm Brett.


In the story I want to tell you today, takes us deep into the heart of darkness, hiding


under a picturesque small town in the dead of winter. When two women are brutally murdered


on the same night, their deaths leave behind a mystery as cold as ice, and for decades,


a killer is allowed to walk free. That is, until a mysterious clue helps to finally bring


him to justice. This is the story of Barbara Oberholzer and Annette Schnee.


A little before 6.30pm on the evening of January 6, 1982, a phone in Alma, Colorado, rings.


A man named Jeff Oberholzer picks up the call and on the other line is his 29-year-old wife,


Barbara, who everybody calls Bobby Joe, and she's calling to tell him some great news. She just got


a promotion at work, where she'll be going from a receptionist to office manager. Of course,


Jeff is thrilled for her. A promotion means more money, more responsibility, more respect,


you know, like, these are professional milestones. Totally, yeah. And Bobby Joe says that she's


going to go out for some drinks with her co-workers to celebrate. She says, I'm not going to be out too


late, no need to come pick me up, because my co-workers are just going to give me a ride home.


Because Bobby Joe works in Breckenridge, about a half an hour north of Alma, Jeff isn't expecting


her home before 7.30pm, like maybe 8pm at the earliest. I mean, yeah, like an hour or so to


celebrate, and then the drive home, that totally makes sense. So in the meantime, Jeff decides he's


going to use that time and do something special for her big news. He's going to make like a fancy


dinner. He's pulling out all the stops here and he's sliding some candles, getting out the nice


plays, doing everything he can to make Bobby Joe feel amazing. 7.30 comes and goes, and then 8


o'clock with no sign of Bobby Joe. Eventually, Jeff sits down and before he knows what's happening,


he falls asleep. Jeff sleeps for a few hours, then wakes up just before midnight. As the haze starts


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