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CAPTURED: Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible's Killer

Crime Junkie


True Crime

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🗓️ 14 May 2018

⏱️ 35 minutes

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In April of 2018, we were all talking about the capture of the Gold State Killer but did you know another long-time cold case was solved that same week? On December 29, 1999, best friends Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman were having a sleepover at Ashley's house. Sometime in the early morning hours of December 30th, Ashley's parents were murdered and their home set on fire. The two girls were never seen again. For years, theories surrounded this case. Did Someone take the girls? Were the girls responsible for one or more murders and then ran off to start new lives? Well in 2018 we finally got answers, though, as of this recording their remains have still not been found.

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Hey there, Crime Junkie listeners. This is Mandy and Melissa from the Moms and Murder


Podcast. We're two moms sitting around a kitchen table talking about some of the fascinating


cases in the world of true crime. We keep our show Heavy on Meledity with plenty of facts,


and we occasionally have guest appearances from some well-known names in True Crime. You'll


get to hear stories that include outrageous details like teenage vampires or reality-star


killers. We release new episodes every Tuesday, so we hope you'll check us out while you


wait for the next episode of Crime Junkie. You can check us out on our website at momsandmurder.com,


connect with us on social media and listen wherever you get your pads.


Brit, guess what I just did? What'd you do? I went and checked our PO box, which always makes me so happy,


because every time I go we've got some kind of fan mail, and this time I had a couple of


videos of my videos. Letters or notes from listeners. I even got a package of coffee from one


of our Instagram followers, Paul Rez, which is amazing. I promise to try and save you some


from when you come down and visit. I also got this wonderful letter and a book from some


of our listeners who call themselves Junior Junkies. It's Sophie and Adriana. I don't know


if they're Junior Junkies because they're younger than us or they're Junior Junkies because


they're brand new into True Crime. But their letter was so sweet and they were telling me


about the serial killer in their backyard. They're from British Columbia. Instead of just


telling me I should look into this guy, they actually sent me the book on him, which was


just so kind of them. Oh my gosh, that's awesome. I know. So anyone listening, you can get


our PO box on our website. If you just want to even send us a little note, it means so much


to us to go to the PO box and have notes from you guys. It's so encouraging. It keeps us


going. So feel free to send us some mail there. We love hearing from you and make sure to


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