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CAGcast #766: No Trespooping!


CAG Productions, LLC

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🗓️ 13 July 2023

⏱️ 79 minutes

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The gang talks Microsoft Activision merger news, Team17 event, Bookwalker: Thief of Tales McPixel 3, a bunch of movies and TV and so much more!

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All right ladies and gentlemen welcome to the KX episode number 766.


I'm here with GPD here in Long Island New York and as always we're joined by a man who


also approves the Microsoft Activision merger but nobody asked him.


I'm bad. I sent him a letter to let them know that it was a okay. Who is them? I


sent it to Joe Microsoft and Bill Activision. I sent it to each of their home


addresses. You said you have my blessings. I said go for it. I made a


Coutuba. I don't even know what that is. Coutuba is the Jewish marriage contract that


you sign when two Jews get married. I didn't know that. I thought that was one of those


like online greeting card things that you could send to somebody that make like a funny


dance with the person's head. No, it's almost like the opposite. The opposite of a


prenup. Yeah, it literally says you will share everything forever. So I'm gonna say


it's like the opposite. Yeah, but it's not legally binding. So again, the opposite.


Right. You don't have to go to like Jewish quarter or anything on that. No, it's signed


by you and your spouse and the rabbi and two witnesses and Moses and Moses and Moses


and the head of Moses comes down.


I think it was on your side.


Yeah, ours is framed in the living room. You have one? Yeah, of course I have one. Bring


it over here. That's it. It's big and it's framed and it's behind glass. We can see


through glass. I will take a photo of it for the show for my superpowers. So everyone can


see what the micah tube looks like. I don't know if I want to see your Coutuba. I played


the Coutuba for five years. I'm pretty good. I'm here. I wish. No. I thought it was


it. I can't believe you had that like just on hand right there. You just pull it. Yeah,


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