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Bullying with Nicole Holofcener

In Bed with Nick and Megan


Relationships, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 27 January 2020

⏱️ 57 minutes

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Writer-Director Nicole Holofcener gets in bed with Nick and Megan to discuss bullying. They share stories of their first time being bullied, its long-lasting impacts on people and the importance of being kind.

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Everybody loves a lover. I'm a lover. Everybody loves me anyhow. Best, how I feel.


Wow, I feel just like a polyamor.


Welcome you dear listener to get another new installment of the beloved number one podcast.


In bed with Nick and Megan starring the illustrious Nick Offerman featuring Megan Malale.


And today special special extra super special guest star Nicole Hall of Center friend and hero.


Davis Hollywood screenwriter and director. Yes, I'm so famous.


And she's a woman. How about that? A woman has directed movies. I don't know. In case she didn't know that.


It has happened. And we have the exemplar of that in our bed. We're in our bed.


It's very comfortable. Record this. I need I need bigger pillows like this on my bed. I always end up hitting the headboard.


Oh yeah. So this is the answer. Yeah. Hi guys. Thanks for having me.


Thanks for having me. Thank you for coming. She's been to our house before. But not in our bed.


It's kind of a dump. Yeah. Makes me feel bad for you. Yeah. It's us. It's a real mess.


Not that it's messy. It's more just dirty. Mm-hmm. It's very dirty. Yeah. We don't clean. I mean, why should we?


Yeah. Celebrities. Well, I mean, you know, we're all made up of the molecules around us.


So those stains and puddles is just part of us. Yeah. That's how self-involved we are.


We just want to keep us around us at all times. So Nicole, Megan, we're going to talk about your accomplishments.


Let's let's talk about those first. Let's talk about some of the accomplishments.


Now, I will say that I first knew about you because you directed the great movie Walking and Talking in the 90s.


95 or 96. It came out. Yeah. And thank you. And I was very good friends with the actress Catherine Keener for many, many years.


And she was the star of your movie. So I had gone to see it because I was friends with Catherine. I didn't know that. Did I know that?


I didn't meet you through Catherine. No. I met you through Nick. Well, now we met. We have launched together in Santa Monica because I wanted. Yeah.


I wanted to this. You would not remember this because it was an actress who wanted to be in your movies. I wanted to be in your movies.


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