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BREAKING: Insider from Guatemala - JUAN - Save the Children, Ditch the State Department

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🗓️ 8 May 2024

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Join Joe and Apollo in this episode where they interview an insider from Guatemala on the NGOs that are facilitating child trafficking into the United States. This is a special exclusive look into the corruption that Guatemala is facing at the hands of leadership in its own country and the United States.

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You know in every one of those pictures I have a beard.


They don't have a beard. I screwed it up.


Don't worry, it's coming back, guys, coming back. I just had made too many alterations to it.


So I'm like, you know, I'm gonna start over again.


Before I get my new beard in so don't enjoy the the beardlessness because it's not going to last very long.


Okay so I told you before that we were going to be running a special on Guatemala like what is really happening in Guatemala and I want you to know there's been a lot of major things that have happened


over the last seven days I've been ringing bells and other people have been ringing


bells and we're basically just pulling out all the stops. Like how do we...


How in the world would a country like the United States sanction the raping, murder, and


disappearance of thousands of children that was done by non-profit organizations that happen to be based and not happen to be but are


US-based nonprofit organizations nonprofit NGOs from the United States, and there's one that was just rated in


Guatemala called Save the Children. Now what if I also told you that besides that that the US has interfered much like they have around the world in the sovereignty of this small country




What if I told you that? What if I told you that?


What if I told you that outside of even the authority of the State Department,


that the State Department and USAID were acting in concert together in order to pressure, have laws passed,


act as if they were the class bully, to change laws in order to get someone who is trying to root out corruption


in a country removed.


What if I told you that that Secretary of State, the head of the State Department, was going down to Guatemala to


pressure them not to look into and not to uncover the raping murder, purchasing of children from indigenous poor mothers.


And these are kids that disappear.


What if I told you that the US is sanctioning this


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