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Bonus Sample: Ketamine Soul Mates


Derek Beres, Matthew Remski, Julian Walker

Social Sciences, Religion & Spirituality, Philosophy, Spirituality, Society & Culture, Science

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🗓️ 18 March 2024

⏱️ 5 minutes

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Dolphins, drugs, new age music. Isolation tanks as a portal into other dimensions. True love and fake aliens. Julian shares a personal love story from the nineties that intersects with the work of prolific scientist, inventor, and psychonaut, John C. Lilly. The belief that we can contact extraterrestrial civilizations, which are waiting to usher humanity into a golden age of light and love, is now a hugely profitable and popular commodity. Apparently these extraterrestrials also want to help us vanquish the forces of Deep State darkness. This is evidenced by the QAnon-and-alien-disclosure-style of programming on Gaia’s spiritual subscription platform (which brings in roughly $80 million annually). Yet: Gaia is currently embroiled in a legal battle with a former host who claims that his stories about secret space programs and eight-foot tall “blue avian” aliens are actually part of his trademarked creative IP. When it comes down to dollars, he admits it’s all make-believe. Has he really ever dropped acid in a flotation tank though?! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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She had beguiling green eyes set in sun-kist brown skin and shoulder-length blonde hair


with one of those hippie girl colorful beaded hair wraps trailing behind her ear.


You may not care, but all of this made quite an impression on me.


The day I met Christine having But all of this made quite an impression on me.


The day I met Christine, having casually sidled up beside her in line for the bathroom at the


novel cafe in Venice, California, she also wore a bindy, one of those little forehead


adornments used in India to represent the third eye.


Our ensuing conversations that day centered on how peak moments tripping on LSD revealed the spiritual truths of the universe as described by ancient enlightened yogis.


I was in love. She was 25, I was 23, and this began an unforgettable,


if ill-fated two-year romance.


Christine introduced me to MDMA,


and our first ritual consumption of the love drug


confirmed to us both that we were indeed soulmates who embodied the archetypes of


Shiva and Shakti, Krishna and Radha, and had experienced past lives together


throughout eternity, which was also happening always only right now.


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