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Bonus- Cradle Will Rock

Appalachian Mysteria

Jam Street Media

Documentary, True Crime, Society & Culture

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🗓️ 15 March 2023

⏱️ 38 minutes

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A child's grave explodes after 63 years underground. As Morgantown police and reporters gather around the coffin, they are shocked to find that his corpse is strangely well-preserved. Cradle Will Rock is the story of the life, death, and disinterment of four-year-old Harry Spitz and his family, as uncovered by co-producer Jordan Carter. This stand-alone episode has been missing from our podcast catalog for two years, and we're finally making it available again. [00:00:00] Cradle Will Rock was originally released in 2018 and went missing from our catalog in 2019. It was produced and co-narrated by Jordan Carter. This story begins in 1975, one year before Clawson confessed to the murders. Later this month, we hope to release another standalone Morgantown story. [00:04:06] On July 2, 175, a caretaker noticed broken rumpled earth atop an unmarked grave. Inside the coffin was a second engraved plaque and the remains of Harry E. Spitz. Too many factors in determining what sort of state Harry's body should have been in. [00:16:18] In 1916, four years after his son's death, Henry Spitz died from tuberculosis and was buried. Speculation abounded in the days and months after Harry's vault worked its way out of the earth. Some speculate perhaps the vault had split due to a heat buildup inside. [00:23:44] Mrs. Spitz was still alive when Harry's vault burst open in 1975. Two years earlier, in Ailing health, she had been transferred from the Moninglia General Hospital. Psychic claims Mrs. Spitzer refused to let go and that had held his spirit in the grave. She died in 1978 and was buried next to Harry. [00:30:19] In Roman Catholicism, a body considered incorruptible is generally seen as a sign that the individual is a saint. But the Spitzes were not Catholic, and for this reason, Harry was never sainted. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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If you've been listening to our story since the beginning, you know that we didn't


adopt the name Appalachian Mysteria until two seasons of the show were already completed.


We just sort of considered them separate projects.


During that time we released a standalone single episode story co-produced by a friend


of mine.


It was originally titled Cradle Will Rock covering a decades old mystery of a grave explosion


and a perfect corpse here in Morgantown, West Virginia.


After we started working with Jamstreet and consolidated our projects under the Appalachian


Mysteria title, our podcast files were moved to a new server, but the Cradle Will Rock


podcast didn't make that transfer.


So it's been missing from our collection for years.


Later this month we hope to release another standalone Morgantown story, which would make


a collection of three.


The co-ed murders Cradle Will Rock and the upcoming story on a WVU immigrant found dead


behind the Morgantown police station.


And especially since we have plenty of new listeners after season three outlandish,


we thought it was only right to make this second installment publicly available again.


The episode you're about to hear Cradle Will Rock was originally released in 2018 and


went missing from our catalog in 2019.


It was produced and co-narrated by Jordan Carter.




I will tell you that Harry Spitz is enormously important in my life.


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