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Biggest off-season of the Calipari era, who stays and who goes? | Sources Say

Kentucky Sports Radio



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🗓️ 4 April 2024

⏱️ 77 minutes

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Eso. Welcome in episode 3.27 of the source to say podcast your go to Kentucky basketball and recruiting


podcasts on the growing KSR podcast network I am your host Jack Pilgrim of


Kentucky Sports Radio very happy to be joined once again by the one and only Sean Smith of Go Big Blue Country.


Sean, how the heck are you?


I'm hanging in there Jack, how are you?


It's a weird time.


It's a very weird time where we're not, you know, obviously kind of past the point of we should be here going to Phoenix so much right, you know, where we're like all in on the off season but


considering how many moving parts there are with the roster as currently


constructed and stay and go decisions.


Guys entering the transfer portal, guys going pro,


the recruit recruiting dynamics where you have six freshmen incoming freshmen


coming in, three of them participating in the McDonald's game.


It's just kind of a weird holding pattern with a lot of stuff where we've only gotten one announcement


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