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BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry

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🗓️ 28 December 2023

⏱️ 114 minutes

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We run through the best moments the pod had to offer in 2023. 00:37 Ep 111: Dave's Sit Up Club 3:10 Ep 112: Dave Bans North and Kim Kardashian From Listening to Taylor Swift 4:43 Ep 112: Markell Washington Rants on Livvy Dunne 8:25 Ep 113: Dave Clowns on Josh's Golden Globes Fit 10:26 Ep 114: Scar Girl Joins the Pod to Discuss Her Scar 16:48 Ep 120: Dave Fights Josh and Bri Over Pink Hair 18:33 Ep 120: Cavinder Twins Play FMK 22:38 Ep 122: Dave Claims to Have the Same Diet at Gwyneth Paltrow 25:06 Ep 122: Breckie Hill Goes Into Her Beef With Livvy Dunne 28:26 Ep 124: Kevin Meija Wants To Box Josh 34:53 Ep 126: Mads Lewis Describes How Everyone in LA Hates Each Other 36:00 Ep 127: Bri Unveils Her New Nose 37:00 Ep 130: Trixie Mattel Rates BFFs Drag 41:00 Ep 132: Josh's Mug of The Week 43:10 Ep 132: Dave Recaps The Taylor Swift Concert He Attended 46:56 Ep 133: Josh's Starting Lineup of Women 49:34 Ep 134: Dream Talks About His Rise on Youtube 54:55 Ep 135: Dave Didn't Get Invited to Zach Bryan Concert 56:53 Ep 137: Dave Attempts to Say Ozempic 58:49 Ep 139: Zach Bryan Pops Onto The Pod 1:01:47 Ep 140: Bobbi Althoff Speaks on Huge Guests 1:07:56 Ep 141: Pinkydoll Joins the Program 1:09:44 Ep 141: BFFs Attempt an NPC Stream 1:14:21 Ep 141: Fake Taylor Swift Performance 1:16:10 Ep 142: Tana Spills Bryce Hall Tea 1:23:00 Ep 143: Dave Freaks Out Over Celsius Promotion 1:24:27 Ep 143: Was Bri Featured in a Zach Bryan Song? 1:29:22 Ep 144: Austin Chimes in With a Joke and Gets Ripped For It 1:30:32 Ep 145: Landon Barker Plays Word Association 1:35:53 Ep 147: Bri's Only Friend is O'Malley? 1:36:43 Ep 149: Dave Stunned By DJ Mark D'Amelio 1:40:24 Ep 149: BFF's React to Their AI Yearbook Photos 1:45:54 Ep 150: Dave Goes Off on The D'Amelios 1:48:17 Ep 151: Dave Despises Kim Kardashian 1:48:56 Ep 153: Matt Rife Chooses Tana Mongeau Over BFFs 1:50:43 Ep 154: Dave Rants on Mahomes' Skims Campaign Support Our Sponsor! Raising Canes: Come for the chicken fingers and stay for sauce! Order online at https://RaisingCanes.com Subscribe to the podcast now: https://barstool.link/3m4Q0Fq Check out the BFFs Social Media Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bffspod/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BFFsPod TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bffspod

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I love Raising Canes, the best chicken figures of the game. I know people love the sauce. I love the fingers, the bread, all of it.


It's almost the new year. We're in the thick of winter with the cold temps, a great way to warm up is with cane's hot fresh cooked to order chicken fingers.


Their chicken fingers are


consistently delicious, their hand battered, they're cooked to order, served hot and


fresh every single time. Also you got a big New Year's party coming up, be the


hero and bring canes the chicken fingers the canes


sauce the Texas toast are also satisfying no matter your resolution it's a win


satisfy your canes fixed today there really is no other option come to the


chicken mare to stay for the sauce order online at


Raising canes.com. Like I'm doing sit-ups now. I started a sit-up club. I saw that.


How many are you? I saw a little sit-up club. Three? One?


I, first I already pulled the muscle on my neck.


From two setups?


Oh, I did.


I think I did two and a half three by accident, but yeah.




Yeah, you're no match for Jason.


No, and I can't use my arm.


Everyone's like, why don't you do pushups? I can't. I have no shoulder.


My cartilage is gone.


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