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Bethurum Part 2 – UFOs and the Occult

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

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πŸ—“οΈ 24 September 2023

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For whatever reason, 1952, the year of Truman Bethurum's encounters with saucer Captain Aura Rhanes and her crew, was a watershed year for UFO interactions and the Contactee movement. The period is mainly known for marking an era of peaceable and friendly exchanges with aliens, deAL266: Bethurum Part 2 – UFOs and the Occult spite the predictable fears of the "other" depicted in 1950s Science Fiction and fueled by Cold War tensions. Sometimes colloquially referred to as "Space Brothers" (which could include Bethurum's "Space Sister" Rhanes) or occasionally an alien race of "Nordics," these benevolent otherworldly visitors often urged humans to live in harmony, to care for our planet, and warned us of the dangers of the atomic age. The overall message is they were here to protect us from ourselves. But as welcoming and comforting as that sounds, there is a much-overlooked aspect of some of the personalities involved in this generation of heralds – a fair number of them had ties to occult beliefs and practices. From Aleister Crowley's magick and Jack Parsons to the wackier exploits of George Hunt Williamson, MIB threats to Albert K. Bender, William Dudley Pelley's fondness for Nazism, to the more modern cult of Marshall Applewhite and the current belief by some officials that aliens are demonic, the themes grow darker and more sinister. There is no doubt that a throughline has existed with the "Saucer Seers" from hopeful communions to the Dark Arts because it requires a belief in access to the mystical. We're joined once again by Rob Kristoffersen and Rich Hatem for part two of our discussion as we explore the connection between UFOs and the occult.

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slash astonishing legends. I am Scott Philbrook and I'm pointing the wrong way.


Thank you for having me.


When I think about medieval torture, just like, wow, the quartering seems like one of the worst.


We tell you the stories over the fire at the pub.


Is that the most haunted place you would say in Essex or the most active.


Your skin was vibrating with it,


and there was dogs barking everywhere


all around the village, and then it sort of built to a pitch


and then just went, woof.


It looked like a person,


like a human being.


What is a person?


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