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Ben Shapiro's Plan To End Poverty [TEASER]

If Books Could Kill

Michael Hobbes & Peter Shamshiri

Books, Politics, Arts, Society & Culture, News

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🗓️ 13 April 2023

⏱️ 12 minutes

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Michael. Peter. What do you know about the success sequence? All I know is that I never learned about it


because I got pregnant too young to stay in school.


If you're a patron of ours paying $4 for access to our bonus episodes and you're not sure whether


you can afford it due to your financial situation, you can stop worrying right now. I am about to


provide everyone with the secret to escaping poverty and perhaps enjoying a lavish life.


Rich podcast, poor podcast. It is called the success sequence and I'm going to have Ben Shapiro


explain it to you Michael. Oh hell yeah. So here are the three rules. You want to be rich in America,


you want to do well in America, you want to put aside the whining about the system. Again,


you point out to me an individual instance of racism, I will stand next to you and fight it. But if


you want to whine about America, no good. Okay, here are the three rules that you need to fill as a


person before you can start complaining about your life failures being the result of somebody else's


actions. Number one, you need to finish high school. Number two, you need to get married before you


have babies. Number three, you need to get a job. That's it. You do those things. You will not be


permanently born in the United States of America. Yeah, first of all, his voice, man, just a razor blade


across your frontal lobe. Just the assault on my eyes and ears of his entire personality. I feel


like there's been other right wingers that I've like spent more time debunking, but honestly,


the idea of watching his videos are like listening to his little rodent voice for the


three minutes at a time. It's baffling that he's so popular because he's so visibly a whiny little


bit to be a little bit problematic about it. But I guess that's the conservative kid, right? So


that's why he's so popular. Also, I now have in my right hand bar, the suggested clip is how


feminism ruined marriage. So thank you. Sorry, I just ruined your YouTube algorithm forever.


Oh, God. I feel like the YouTube algorithm is like you watch one left wing video and it just


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