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BEN SCHWARTZ Was Scared of Space Mountain

Family Trips with the Meyers Brothers

Seth Meyers and Josh Meyers

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🗓️ 30 April 2024

⏱️ 93 minutes

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Ben Schwartz joins Seth and Josh on the pod! He talks all about his family’s yearly Cape Cod vacation, being close with his parents, and of course, the one time he was terrified of Space Mountain. 00:00 Intro 13:46 Ben Schwartz Interview 23:20 Cuts Clothing Ad 24:46 AirBnB Ad 26:11 Ben Schwartz Interview 46:58 Aura Ad 48:23 BetterHelp Ad 49:23 Ben Schwartz Interview Cuts Clothing For a limited time, our listeners get 20% off your entire order when you use code TRIPS at checkout at CUTSCLOTHING.com Airbnb Support comes from Airbnb your home might be worth more than you think find out how much more at airbnb.com/host to learn about hosting. Aura Frames Visit AuraFrames.com to get $30-off plus free shipping on their best-selling frame. Use code TRIPS at checkout to save. Perfect for Mother's Day Gifting! BetterHelp Family Trips is brought to you by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at betterhelp.com/trips and get on your way to being your best self. Family Trip listeners get 10% off their first month.

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Hey Sufi. I am going to fix my hair.


But I do, I've been, I'm on hiatus, I haven't grown my hair. It's a little long.


And I feel like, doesn't this like make, I don't, you feel like a little like new wavy British


singer look right now yeah it's a little I would say it's a little like


Crispin Glover a river's edge I thought it was maybe a guy who would sing like


this when I'm gonna buy a I thought it was maybe a guy who would sing like this


when I'm gonna buy a yeah like that kind of thing a little bit yeah like the Smith's


yeah something more cure maybe a little bit but although he was up top. Anyway, hold on my fix.


We saw each other recently, because you were in LA.


I was.


And you did Jimmy Kimmel Live and I did a little pop on there and we we took a picture and it just reminded me and people call me out for this as well. But when


you take pictures with people you hum to yourself. I do? Yeah.


Always? I think so. I know that like, like, like, uh, makeup people, like makeup


artists, not, I don't know what the proper term is makeup artists yeah


and wardrobe people have all often said to me that like if they're getting me


ready for something they're like oh you're just like your brother you hum and when I had my sort of arm around you


and someone was taking our picture.


You really are like,


Now, I didn't know I did for picture.


I mean, I hum all the time and it is not celebrated


in the old home.


I am often told to stop humming.


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