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Before the 90 S6 E3 - Overboard

90 Day Fiance Cray Cray

90 Day Fiancé Cray Cray

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🗓️ 21 June 2023

⏱️ 58 minutes

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Gino refuses to peel a carrot without the PROPER EQUIPMENT; Meisha has a vision while vacuuming; Amanda sleeps with socks. Thank you to Betterhelp for sponsoring this episode. Visit BetterHelp.com/CRAYCRAY. Sign up for our premium podcast feed with 3x the content! Just go to https://www.realitycraycray.com/ for a 30 second sign up for as little as $5, or if you already have a Patreon account, go to http://patreon.com/realitycraycray. Follow us: Instagram: @90dayfiancecraycray and @going.kyle Twitter: @realitycraycray Online: http://realitycraycray.com Leave us a review: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/90-day-fiance-cray-cray/id1423940128 Leave random feedback: http://realitycraycray.com/contact Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hey everybody, welcome to 90 day fiance Kray Kray. I'm Kim and I'm Kyle. I'm sorry. I'm sorry guys. I have to finish something real quick here.


Sorry, I know. I know.


Wait, wait, what is that? What is that noise? Wait, I'm just making that noise.


It's weird. I can't, I can't really breathe. I'm seeing things.


Is that my car or my noxide detector?


It's Jesus. It's specifically Catholic Jesus.


Two, two sounds means Jesus, Kim. Did you know that? Yes. Yes.


Yeah. You grew up Catholic. Is this a revelation that we just never missed?


Not one that I've heard of. So, new thing. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.


Do you mean to like, sons in the sky? Two sons, like two boys.


The son and the Holy Spirit? I don't know. I mean, look, she's a virgin again.


And maybe this was the Holy Spirit entering her repeatedly. Oh my God.


Well, none of us are also peeling any carrots or potatoes or other vegetables without the proper equipment.


Proper equipment. Proper equipment. You have to put it in proper equipment.


Proper equipment is the new put it in proper.


Wow. She is a child. Like, I think there are two camps. Man child.


There's two camps. There's people that in the face. For me either. I was, I wanted to punch him


in the face the whole time as watching this. There's one camp and then wrong people.


People are like, I'm not cutting that potato with a big knife either. I'm going to lose a finger.


I'm like, have you never had to improvise when you're looking? If Geno is so, if Geno has rediscovered


his masculinity, then chop off a fucking fingertip to make a point then. Bro, come on. You got to commit.


Or if you're not going to do it and you're not going to peel the potato with a knife,


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