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Austin Cindric joins and the crew talks COTA rain, one-armed cheerleaders and the Coca-Cola 600

Glass Case of Emotion Podcast

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🗓️ 27 May 2021

⏱️ 47 minutes

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On this episode of the Glass Case of Emotion podcast, Ryan Blaney is once again joined by Kim Coon and Chuck Bush with a special guest who's known as a road-course ace, Austin Cindric. The crew recaps COTA and looks ahead to the longest race of the year, the Coca-Cola 600. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

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Welcome back, everybody. To the special edition episodes of Glass Case of Emotion, I'm Ryan Blaney, as always, Kim Kuhn, Chuck Bush. And we have a lot of, we have two special guests today. One is sitting right here. He's not. We're not going to ask him anything yet. No, we are to look pretty right now. Yeah, we're just telling you. Otherwise there'd be an empty chair. That's true. We're not going to ask him anything yet. No, we are to look pretty right now. Yeah, we're just telling you. Otherwise there'd be an empty chair. That's true.


That's true. We're out at Charlottes, World 600 weekend. Oh, old school. Yeah, I didn't want to say the C word. I really wanted to say the other C word. I didn't want to say you damn. Let's get the show started. Fair. We are now joined by Greg Walter and tell us a little bit about yourself. So been in motorsports and more than


two decades. I actually started off in broadcasting. Mama said I had one of those faces made for radio. But worked in college sports and then started in 99, working for Ed Clark, Danny Atlanta Motorspeway. Marcus brought me up here in 2014. And I became General Manager in 2016. So it's been a heck of a ride. Oh, well, good. Well, what would you say is your favorite thing you guys have done here since you came to work here? Oh, the Roeville band by far. I don't even know why.


I asked that question. I'll tell you, I was, we were doing a mission trip. Our family was doing a mission trip in Africa in 2018. And I was in a coffee shop in Nairobi. And I had a Charlotte Motorspeway shirt on. This guy comes up to me. This beautiful Kenyan accent and says, excuse me, say, you know, you with that racetrack in America. And this is, oh, wait, should I've done it? Born this bad choice. And I said, well, yeah, I am. He said, well, I'm a Formula One fan, moved back here from London with my family.


Can you tell me about the Roeville? And I said the Roeville. Hey, give me the roeville. Sure, buddy. You keep a coffee. It's awesome. I like Roeville. It sounds a little bit fancier. So when we run IMSA out here, that'll be the Roeville for the rest of the day.


You're going to have to go around and put like an accent. Yeah, yeah, absolutely. That would be pretty funny. Somebody with a sharpie just marking on the signs. I want to call it that when we come back here. Yeah, I mean, you are a Roeville winner.


I know that is your task for when we come back in the fall and run the Roeville to slide it into an interview. Yeah.


And just see if anybody skips a beat listening to your answer. Yeah, they'll prove if they're fans of the show or not.


They're watching the show. Yeah. So background and barcassin, do you ever get the hankering when you're watching the races to like jump in the booth and make a call? Are you calling in your head? Are you completely, have you completely retired?


I've completely retired that because there's a way more talent in that booth than I ever had ever, ever dreamed about it. So now I gave up those, give up that headset microphone at a long time ago.


Well, we're glad you put it on today. Well, I appreciate that. Thank you. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, you know, it was right. We're going to have the 600 this weekend. Obviously huge race. A little bit different this year.


You know, we're not here for two weeks in a row with the all-star race being at Texas now. But we're always really excited to come to the 600 and the weather looks great.


And you guys just announced that it's at full capacity too. We had the governor allowed that we're able to have full capacity, right?


So we had actually pitched with the last executive order had come out that you had to file for an exemption. So we had filed for 65% capacity when it was 50 and then increased density.


And we had that plan approved for Thursday night and then Friday morning, the governor's office calls, hey, you know that plan we talked about last night? Like, yeah, yeah.


No, actually, we're going to we're going to change it. I'm like, man, I told Marcus, everybody's excited. He's like, no, we're going to take everything off and you're going to be able to do all you want to.


I'm not getting pumped, right? I'm looking around to be sure that I get you filmed it. That's been exciting. It's been a change.


And it's kind of halfway because like, for instance, the infield, we're still protecting the competitor ecosystem. That's segregated. We're not full capacity for the infield, but for the stands and the seating.


Yeah, it's nice. It's like having a family reunion, right? We've missed them last. It's been two years since folks have been here for the 600. So it's nice having back.


It does feel weird, doesn't it? I don't feel like that long ago. It doesn't. But that's good. You know, this is a special race. You know, a lot of people from around here. So we bring a lot of family in and it's great that, you know, they'll be able to come to the race.


That's good. That's exciting news. And tickets I heard if you decide on RISD that you want to come see the Coke 600, you can walk up on RISD and buy a ticket. Yeah, that's a change in policy, right?


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