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Astonishing Junk Drawer 005 - Special Main Feed Edition

Astonishing Legends

Scott Philbrook

History, Society & Culture

4.69.6K Ratings

🗓️ 13 October 2023

⏱️ 62 minutes

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Enjoy episode number 5 of the Patreon-exclusive Astonishing Junk Drawer!

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Folks, we decided to have a little fun this October while you're waiting for the first of our three-in-a-row main shows this month.


So we're posting some older episodes of our Patreon Exclusive Show, the Estonishing Junk Draw.


Now, if you're not a patron, you may have never heard an episode of this show, so we wanted to show you what you're missing.


This one is actually the fifth Junk Draw we ever did, but it's good and creepy, so we wanted to share it.


Now, the Junk Draw is a very candid show, and it's generally pretty much uncensored.


This one had some bad language in it, so we bleeped a word in it, but when you hear it on Patreon, we don't do that.


Also, this one is from before we'd nail down the format for the Junk Draws.


They're a little more ironed out now, which you'll see when we drop some of the later ones in a few days.


You might hear a few ads in this, but on Patreon, all Junk Draws are commercial-free.


Now, this will be Estonishing Junk Draw Episode 5, originally posted on Patreon back in April of 2022.


Oh, and by the way, quick reminder before we roll this, the limited edition 2023 Halloween merch,


including glow-in-the-dark sweatpants are in the store now at EstonishingLegends.com, and won't be available much longer.


So if you're looking for a pair of those, order soon.


Our merch team is going to take them down as it gets closer to Halloween because they're trying to get them all shipped out in time for you to have them by then.


Now, remember, our main show is back this weekend on Sunday, October 15, 2023.


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