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Asking the Dumb Questions


Julia Hava & Eliza McLamb

Society & Culture

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🗓️ 19 July 2023

⏱️ 76 minutes

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The girlies get down to business and confront the questions society is too scared to ask: are mosquitoes tiny terrorists? Should I be getting preventative rabies shots? WHAT IS GLASS?? And so, so much more. This episode involves minimal reseach, maximum questioning, and radically accepting our ignorance. Digressions include medical mystery corner, the unending mystique of The Ocean, and an unanswered query about the relationship between two Godly Wives. 

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Hi Benchies! This is an announcement that we have added three new stops to our


godly wife tour. We are now going to Charlotte, Atlanta, and Nashville. We are so


excited. The link to buy tickets will be in the description of this podcast. You


can also go to the link in our Instagram bio and we cannot wait to see you there.


Welcome to Benchtopia.


We hope you enjoy your stay.


Hi everybody. Welcome back to Benchtopia. Hello and welcome back. We're literally on the road


right now. We're on the road and you're Julia Hava and you're Eliza McLean.


But we're on the road you guys. I'm in San Francisco right now. Eliza, where are you?


I'm in North Carolina, Chapel Thrill, baby. We're literally on the road and we're still bringing


it to you from where we are. Even though I really injured my back yesterday doing all but sleeping.


You know when you sleep on it wrong? Oh yeah. And it's one of those things where it's like my neck


but it's like it goes all the way down and it's like I can't lift my neck without like it spazzing


and hurting so I'm really enjoying that. That's going really well for me. I'm a fucking medical


mystery right now. I went to urgent care today because my left leg is numb. Like it's numb and


in pain and like burning kind of. Oh. Like all the way up into my butt and I'm like really dizzy.


Oh that's sciatica. I know. That's what I think. But I like I went to the urgent care guy. He did


not make me feel better at all. And so I called my friend Sophie who's a doctor and also a musician.


Who is your friend? It's a doctor and a musician. Gordy. She's a doctor? She's a fucking doctor.


Isn't that crazy? Like a medical doctor? Like a medical doctor. Like she's Barbie literally. Did she


do that before or after the music? I don't really know but I know she's a fucking girl boss and I


called her like sn... By the way I like don't know her that well. I just I texted her and I was


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