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Ashley Flowers Wrote a Book!

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🗓️ 16 June 2022

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Get ready Crime Junkies because Ashley Flowers’ debut novel All Good People Here will officially be released on August 16th! You can read the first 2 chapters on AshleyFlowers.com/book AND preorder your copy NOW!

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Hi, crime junkies. I don't know if you have heard, but I have written a book and not just


any book. It is a mystery novel made for my crime junkies. It's called All Good People


Here. Now, it's totally fiction because if you're like me, you love diving into a fiction


mystery the same way you love diving into our episodes. I remember seeing a review of


the book early on that made me chuckle. Someone was like, I was skeptical. Ashley does so


much. I thought there's no way that this could be any good, but even they freaking loved the book.


It's set in a small Indiana town where a journalist named Margot returns to take care of her


ailing uncle. But when she arrives, a young girl is kidnapped. And there are actually similarities


to an unsolved murder of another young girl from 20 years before. It was Margot's neighbor,


January. So Margot becomes obsessed with solving January's case and figuring out if it's connected


to this most recent crime. And you guys, if there is one thing I feel confident saying, it is that


I know how to tell a story in a way that is going to keep you on the edge of your seat. And I promise


you, I will not let you down with this book. Listen, you guys, there have been hundreds of reviews


that have come in. And I think there are three common things. One is that people could not put it


down. They would stay up until the wee hours of the morning to finish it. The comment I kept


getting all the time was like, we can tell that you're in the true crime space. This was a very


believable investigation. And the third and my favorite is that everyone was hooked from the very


first page. And listen, if you think you're the exception, I dare you go read the first page.


I actually put the first two chapters of my book on my website, Ashley Flowers dot com. The direct


link is also in the show notes. I promise you, you'll be in. All good people here comes out August


16th in the US. And you can pre-order it right now on my website, Ashley Flowers dot com.


This book is for my crime junkies, so I hope you enjoy.


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