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April 7, 1521: The Road to Erfurt [Rebroadcast]

Luther: In Real Time

Ligonier Ministries

Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, History

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🗓️ 3 December 2021

⏱️ 12 minutes

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As Martin Luther arrives at Erfurt, the thought comes to him: his journey to Worms had really begun here 16 years ago. Today, Luther preaches to more than 2,000 listeners, reminding them of the truth of the gospel.

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April the 7th, 1521. For five days, Luther has been traveling in a two-wheeled Saxon


cart each day, inching him closer to his destination, Verms, where Luther's trial waits.


Yesterday evening, he and his traveling companions had been on the road to Airfort. When suddenly,


the imperial herald riding immediately in front of them, stopped.


Coming toward them, half a mile ahead, he could see a cloud of dust.


Inside the cloud, metal blows red in the setting sun.


Luther and Armstrong leaned out of the carriage to see why they've stopped. As they


watch, dark shapes begin to emerge. A company of mounted knights are rapidly advancing to


ward them. There is no time to turn, no possibility of outrunning them. The knights draw alongside


Luther's carriage. This mounting, their command appears inside. As the dust clears, he sees


the person they'd come for. Dr Luther, welcome to Airfort. Allow us to accompany you to the city.


We have received word that there may be an attempt on your life by papal zealots.


The knights had been tipped off. There had been an assassination plot. It was rumored that forces


loyal to the Pope had planned to kill Luther before he had a chance to enter the city gates.


Flanked by the knights, Luther is escorted into Airfort as if he were royalty.


It looks as if nothing has changed. As a younger man, he'd spent nearly a decade here.


First of the university as a student studying law, then in the monastery where he became a monk,


the thought suddenly comes to him. This journey to verbs had really begun here in Airfort 16 years


ago. The fears, the hours of anguished confession, I am enthroned. I must confess my sins,


oh, my sin, my sin, my sin. The terrifying first mass,


and the many hours being counseled by his friend, Johann von Stalvitz.


Seize torturing yourself and throw yourself into the Redeemer's arms. There you may find a


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