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April 18, 1521: Here I Stand

Luther: In Real Time

Ligonier Ministries

Religion & Spirituality, Christianity, History

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🗓️ 18 April 2021

⏱️ 12 minutes

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The day has come at last. Martin Luther stands trial at the Diet of Worms. How will he respond when he is called to recant his teaching and reject God's Word? Five hundred years ago today, the German monk makes history.

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It's April the 18th, 1521. The previous afternoon, Luther had been hurried through the


back alleyways of Verms to avoid the ever-pressing crowds. And then, finally, he had been brought


into an assembly room for his first appearance before the de-et. The prosecutor indicates


a stack of books on a table.


These books are they yours? The books are all mine, and I have written more.


Do you Martin Luther defend them all, or do you care to reject a part?


Luther walks to the table and picks up a book.


This one touches on God and His Word. This book is about the salvation of souls.


Christ said, He who denies me before men, Him will I deny before my father, to say too


little or too much would be dangerous. I beg you, give me time to think it over.


Give you time. It takes a very long time to write a single book. Here lie dozens of your books,


and you wish us to believe you require more time.


While the de-et consider his request, Luther stands unblinking. Once again, he hears an


accusing voice, is it coming from without or within?


Then the emperor nods to the prosecutor, agreeing to give Luther more time. He will have


until tomorrow, April the 18th, to think it over. He's led from the hall through the


back streets, at last ducking into the door of his lodging at the Knights of St. John.


The next day, April the 18th, 1521. The wait lasts until six in the evening, but then


Luther's summons arrives. The palatial hall is crammed with scarlet clad cardinals, silk


robed princes, archbishop's and church apologists. The emperor and the electors are seated in


their gilded chairs. Everyone else stands, crammed, shoulder to shoulder, and back to front.


At a nod from Charles V, the hall falls silent. Luther is ushered into the room. Then, without


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