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“Anti-CBDC Bill” Won’t Stop Mass Surveillance

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🗓️ 24 May 2024

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This morning, Joe discussed the CBDC Anti-Surveillance Act, criticizing it for not truly benefiting the people since it still allows CBDCs as legal tender with Congress's permission. He also touched on the WHO's pandemic treaty and its negative implications for UN countries. After a break, Joe welcomed guest Peymon Mottahedeh, founder of FreedomLawSchool.org. They discussed the CBDC Anti-Surveillance Act and the promising End the Fed Act by Thomas Massie, highlighting the potential benefits of ending the Fed for government, economy, and citizen freedom. They also talked about the legal obligation to pay federal income tax and methods to avoid jail for non-filers.

Joe then covered President Trump's rally in the Bronx, noting the diverse support and media acknowledgment of Trump's growing backing. He mentioned layoffs at Media Matters and the ongoing second civil war among the people. Joe ended the show with a message of encouragement: Pray, Stand, Speak, and Act, and wished everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend.

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I kind of like that intro. So just so you guys know I do have a mic now so at least I have that it's a little bit


hollow in here but we'll get all the other things fixed up very soon as well as a new background which I'm pretty excited about.


I want to jump right into it. The House just passed the CBDC Anti Surveillance State Act.


This bill is nothing more than a way to place and placate people because we keep talking about it. We keep talking about all the things that the


deep state and the establishment are trying to do to us.


And we actually need more drastic things to happen


to protect our privacy.


I just want to remind you that just six months ago and not even


six months ago they renewed the Patriot Act and they said that they were going


to put checks and balances in place in order to stop the FBI from having basically a free-for-all.


Well, it didn't stop them before and it certainly isn't stopping them now.


But as we get further down this, we're going to talk about some other things.


We're going to talk about today.


We have a guest on the show to do. It's a payment who is the head of Freedom Law School. And I'm going to socialize some ideas with you. I'm going to socialize some ideas with you. I'm going to socialize some ideas with you that frankly


I don't I don't know how I feel about it, but I do know how I feel about it.


56 cents on every dollar goes to the government. The Bible says very clearly


give up to Caesar what is Caesars. Well a Caesar is 56 percent. Should you be


paying in and giving the government more of your money than you're able to keep.


If you were to stack that money up and put it at the beginning of the year and say, look, I need to pay all of my taxes in the first six months,


you would not collect a paycheck until July. So they take


small parts of your paycheck that add up to big parts of your paycheck. Most


people in this country are either faced with


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