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Andrade El Idolo

AEW Unrestricted


Wrestling, Sports

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🗓️ 14 September 2023

⏱️ 30 minutes

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Andrade El Idolo is back, and on AEW Collision, after suffering the first-ever injury of his 20+ year career! Andrade details his injury, surgery, rehab, and what it’s like to now be in the best shape of his life. He talks about his AEW Collision debut in a singles match against Buddy Matthews, how he found out, what it means to be a part of Collision, and the surprise welcome he received that first night back. He speaks to wrestling as a heel vs a babyface, getting his start in Mexico, and his decision to move to the United States. Plus, he shares stories from his big AEW Street Fight that saw him go through a flaming table, that crazy match against Rey Fenix, learning to do his wife’s infamous Figure Four leglock, and why ice cream is an important part of his diet on match days.

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Yo, yo, yo, oh, all variables, Tony Shivane, we bout the party, we bout the party.


Oh, I'm just strict, I've got that house now.


We gon' turn it up up, bring that house down.


Got that big space, probin' make em' bounce now.


I'm blousin' like they balls in it, the freaks are comin' out now.


Welcome to AEW Unrestricted, the official podcast of All Elite Wrestling.


I'm Will Washington, never alone here on this show, I'm also joined by The One,


the only Aubrey Edwards.


Hello, well, how are you doing today?


Good, I don't know why I decided to introduce you like a game show host,


but that's where we're at today.


I'm not gonna fight it, it was good.


I'm super excited, there's just so much going on at AEW right now,


it's been an incredible run by the time this airs.


Like we are past two incredible pay reviews.


Collision is full scheme ahead, Dynamite 200.


We've just had an incredible 20, 23.


This has been such an amazing year for AEW.


Yeah, absolutely.


I think, especially talking about collision and how,


you know, that was something we launched this past summer and how.


There's a lot of uncertainty around it,


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