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🗓️ 21 May 2024

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Millions of Americans go without healthcare every year. Many of them turn to crowdfunding to support their needs. Abdul reflects on what that says about how we think about one another. Then he interviews Prof. Nora Kenworthy, author of the new book “Crowded Out: The True Costs of Crowdfunding Healthcare” about who wins, who loses, and how we build a healthcare system where Americans don’t need to crowdfund. This show would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors. America Dissected invites you to check them out. This episode was brought to you by: Marguerite Casey Foundation who invites you to sign up for their book club at caseygrants.org/bookclub Article who invites you to check out their spring and summer home collection at article.com/AD. Make sure to use promo code AD at checkout to save $50 off your first purchase of $100 or more.

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What if we understood prisons weren't meant to protect people from quote evil-doers but were designed as a form of counterinsurgent warfare waged by the state and wielded as a weapon against the very possibility of radical social transformation?


This is the analysis that Marguerite Casey Foundation Freedom Scholar Dr. Orasanme Burton


uncovers in his long-awaited book, Tip of the Spear, Black Radicalism, Prison Repression,


and The Long Attic Revolt. Join the Marguerite Casey Foundation book club, Reading for a Liberated Future,


to hear a moving and in-depth conversation hosted by MCF CEO and President Dr. Carmen Rojas


with author Dr. Burton and Imani Davis, founder and executive


director of the Omohali Project, and daughter of Freedom Fighter Jomo Omohali, who was an


organizer of the Long Attica Rev revolt during his more than three decades of imprisonment.


Join the M.C.F. book club for this and other timely conversations at Casey Grants.org. slash Book Club.


That's C A S E Y G R A N T S.org


slash Book Club. Raw milk sales spike despite bird food warning.


The WHO and national negotiators fail to produce a pandemic treaty to avoid the mistakes of COVID-19.


Rates of vasectomy and tuba ligation, permanent forms of birth control, jump nationwide after the Dobbs decision.


This is America to second.


I'm your host, Dr. Obvul Alsayam.


I remember the first time I donated to a go fund me to cover someone's health care costs.


It was the mid-20-10s and an old acquaintance from high school had posted on Facebook, yeah,




About her sibling who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


She was fundraising for home nursing support. I remember


how good it felt to know that I had done my part to support someone in need. This of course was back


when we all thought social media was a tool for good. And the fact that I could share the crowd


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