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America's Forgotten Heroes

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🗓️ 27 October 2020

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We are the children of heroes. These are the stories of seven men whose courage, determination skill are so remarkable that it is nearly impossible to credit them as true. But the stories are true. These men were real. These things actually happened. Writer and series host Bill Whittle peels away the history, the colorless and drab recitation of dates and events, to reveal the actual human beings beneath the legend. Many of these men were national celebrities in their day, although a few of them never got the recognition that they deserved, in their own time. The one thing that all seven have in common is the tragic fact that almost no one today can even recognize their names, let alone tell you anything about the actions that made those names worth remembering. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hi everybody, I'm Bill Whittle and I'd like to introduce you to seven men who have made this country so exceptional.


John Paul Jones, who sailed home from War 129 years after he sailed into it.


Frank Luke, the World War I fighter ace who drew his side arm in a desperate situation.


Booker T. Washington, a man who came into the world as someone else's property and who left it with a full-proof formula for racial harmony.


Jimmy Doolittle, the perfect combination of brains, guts and skill running up his engines a long way from home.


Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a man so profoundly wise that he could see the great wheel of history revolving around him in real time.


Ernest Evans, a U.S. Navy commander who's vowed to never run away from the enemy triggered the most amazing two hours in U.S. history and Dick Rutan.


Combat pilot, test pilot and the man who nailed the last standing record in aviation history with little help from his baby brother.


These are America's Forgotten Heroes and if you join me I guarantee you will come out of these seven episodes as awestruck, proud and grateful as I did.

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