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A True Gentleman (Airdate 5/24/2024)

Bob & Sheri

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🗓️ 24 May 2024

⏱️ 78 minutes

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Bob on Plumbers.

Morons in the News.

What is Left Behind at TSA.

The People’s Movie Critic: “IF”

Everyone Needs a Laugh.

Lamar the Wedding Photographer.

Talkback Callers.

Surviving a Serial Killer.

Can You Believe This S***?

A True Gentleman.

The Zippy Zodiac.

From the Vault.

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Friday. And now from the Bob and Cherry Studios on this fabulous Friday, it's Bob and Cherry.


We are so excited for the long holiday weekend.


We got your Friday covered in one hour right here.


We have the People's Movie Critic and he is reviewing if the new John Kresinski filmed for kids.


So he hasn't told us anything.


Sometimes we can tell, you know, just by the way he talks about the review. Not anything on this, so I'm not sure how this one's going to go. And I have a question for you guys. So there's somebody I follow on Twitter named Jesse Case, not a celebrity or anything, just a person


who's tweets make me think and laugh.


And Jesse tweeted last night.


My grandparents were around for the start of radio,


then TV, and they bailed out on further tech


after they got a touch-toned phone. The internet was just too freaky for them.


My parents bailed at Alexa. I think I'm bailing at AI. I've seen enough.


Let's talk about that. Isn't that interesting. And the comments I've


read for a long time there were a lot of comments on this on and I read for a long time and she


answered listen I'm completely serious everyone bales on new tech at some point


knowing the world moves on without them and they want no part of it, AI is where I bail.


And I really gave that some thought, because I know people that will not have like Alexa


in their house or Google Assistant or whatever.


They don't like the idea of a device that is monitoring.


I mean because that's what's happening.


The device is monitoring, although our phones are doing that right now, so it's not like you can skip Alexa and be be safe.


But another person, guy named Keith, said, I bailed at paying for things by tapping my phone


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