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A Q&A With Our Husbands

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Lily Pebbles & Anna Newton

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🗓️ 8 October 2020

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This week we’ve roped in the lads for a Q&A and the end result is hilarious. From the weird things we do as couples, to their answer on the best kind of potato debate, it’s FUNNY. Enjoy! 


Weird Couple Things Article - https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/alliehayes/weird-things-couples-do-together-reddit?fbclid=IwAR1PdjkW2pMasFMNkGPpmPIU14QhqYBt-HWwlUWTpTQ99q6VNvFxoPNRxJk 


Submit your questions at https://www.facebook.com/groups/athomewithlilyandanna/ 

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Hi everyone, I'm Lily and I'm Anna and welcome back to Out Home with Lily and Anna. A podcast where we catch up every week from our homes in London and for return, except for this week.


Except for this week. Oh my god, I can look, I'm actually looking Lily in the eye. Like I'm literally, I'm looking at Anna, I have no headphones on like I can actually hear her in my real ears.


We are having a socially distance lunch. It's been a delight and we have special guests. We do. My husband Rich and my husband Mark. Have we allowed to talk now?


Yeah, I didn't know when the queue was. It's like in a video where you have to do the awkward like wave, you don't know when to say hello.


Welcome. We're not normal formats at the window. None of that peak of the week. Not this week. No top five this week. We'll do a double duty next week.


Because there was just so many questions. We asked on the Facebook page, there was loads and so the lads are going to answer them. Should we just get going with some questions from the Facebook group?


Yeah, let's do it. Ready, pumped. So Molly actually requested this on the group and she left a comment that said, so happy. My suggestion is being used even better than when I asked what your favorite crisps are, which was another question.


Molly asked all the best questions. Yes, this one's for you Molly. And yeah, those people like that. So we're going to kick off with a question from Abby who asks, but this is very important.


Okay, we're warming you up with it with a very important one here. Where do you stand on the whole best kind of potato debate?


The hall. I don't know as it was a big debate. It's a very big debate here at home with very big.


So I said to Anna that I just like have a real like I'm anti-dough for noir potato potatoes. I like like little crispy potatoes. She likes big fluffy potatoes.


No, I don't know. Fluffy. I like crispy. I do like dough from wire and I do enjoy a she string fry and I prefer a chunky chip. Or are you like a roast potato kind of person? Like what's the vibe?


I'm a roastie kind of guy. Roast potato. Roast potato. I like a roast in it. Roast potatoes are pretty good.


Well, like the big ones. Medium. I don't like because it went there like big and roasted. They're just a bit like soft in the middle. I like kind of in between a really small crispy one.


Medium one. Yeah, I get you on that because if I have a two bigger my roast potatoes too big, then it's too much fluff in there. Don't like it too big.


I don't know about dough for not. Yeah, fine. Can I have that? Oh, we never have that together. No, well, I'm upset. We don't have.


There's a lot of food. We don't eat that. I'm upset about that. Fish pie. Oh, I love this pie. Yeah, exactly. Oh, cheese, man.


Lasagna. No, I like lasagna. We just don't eat it. I don't know why.


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