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A Pirate Christian's Guide to Understanding the Old Testament - Part 3

Fighting for the Faith

Chris Rosebrough

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🗓️ 10 July 2019

⏱️ 37 minutes

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A Pirate Christian's Guide to Understanding the Old Testament - Part 3

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We truly cannot do what we are doing here without it. It's time for another edition of Fighting for the Faith. Wednesday, July 10th, 2019. Short episode today but an important


teaching one as we continue to work our way through the series of Pirate


Christians guide to understanding the Old Testament. Thank you for tuning in, you're listening to Fighting for the Faith.


My name is Chris Roseboro.


I am your servant in Jesus Christ and this is the program that dishes up a daily dose of biblical discernment,


the goal of which. Help you to think biblically, help you to think critically, and help you


to slow down. Stop, open up your Bible and compare compare what people are saying in the


name of God to the word of God no shortage of crazy things being set out there we take


the time to compare and contrast what the most popular pastors, preachers, teachers, conference


speakers, self-proclaimed prophets, prophetesses, self-appointed apostles, and apostolettes,


and those generally put forward by the evangelical industrial complex as those whom we need to be listening to whose books apparently we need to be buying and whose small group curricula we should be studying instead of the word of God.


Yeah, weird how that works. Over again, we demonstrate that the steady diet of


doctrine that is put forward for consumption by the average evangelical is far from


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