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Packing The Court

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🗓️ 16 April 2021

⏱️ 90 minutes

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Senator Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, is asking questions about the choice for a member of Biden’s defense team who may have leaked classified information to social media platforms. With questions now being raised about Russia intel operations and false accusations made against Trump and Biden’s campaign team peddling the narrative, it’s just another moment of deceptive behavior against the American people. Hagerty will also touch the effort by the left to pack the Supreme Court.

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I thank Scott Shannon and thanks to all of you for being with us right down our toll-free number


We'll get to a lot of calls today. Oh, we're gonna have our New York New York


Start spreading the news. I'm leaving today. Don't want to be a part of it with Joe Pags and a caller


Christopher that we talked about earlier this week. This ought to be fun


Linda's heard both versions. I have not yet and I'm looking forward to hearing it later in the program today


Um very, you know, I am tired


A couple of things are happening


And you know you can I don't ever underestimate the brilliance of the people we the people now we the people we we go up and down and


I for whatever reason the country always seems to want to flirt with socialism and then it's


Implemented and you see what it's really all about then they lurch back to conservatism


Where real answers and solutions to problems are are made and


I think we're beginning to see a shift dramatically now away from the radicalism of this new democratic socialist party


You can see it with the court packing you can see it with the attempts to end the legislative filibuster you can see it with


The massive power grab of ruling by executive fiat and the stroke of a pan and and bypassing an entire co-equal branch of


Government you see it with the borders and amnesty and Joe Biden's cages for kids in the middle of a pandemic when they're literally laying on top of one another


And then you know pushing these kids out to the states


You know basically facilitating law breaking, eating and abetting


Uh, it's illegal to enter this country without permission. It's that's the law if you don't like the law change the law


But they haven't changed the law they just let them in and and that's we're watching all of this lawlessness sanctuary cities sanctuary states


Pushing for higher taxes being lied to about oh Joe got blown over by the wind three times. That's why he's he fell down


I don't know what's worse the fact that he tripped three times or the fact that he got blown over by the wind


Uh, that might actually be worse if he's that weak and that frowl


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