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Does Finals MVP Make Stephen Curry TOP 10

Through the Wire

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🗓️ 18 June 2022

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After securing the Finals MVP and his 4th NBA Championship, are we ready to place Steph in the conversation as Top 10?

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Welcome to do the wire do the why


Yeah, welcome back chat before we get into it man


We want to say thank you so much for a hundred K. We hit a hundred. We are the 10 now


We had a hundred K like four days ago. We had a hundred to 10 let's get a hundred and forty in the next four months


Yeah, at this rate we might get them about next week. I mean we are here crazy


I'm sure it's going crazy. Look at that one. Yeah, no a lot of


Sure are going crazy. So shout out to ice pick Isaac. I'm giving him that nickname based on nothing


Um, is it sounds like I pick I think that make him sound like that's from


That's either from a Jamie Fox show or Martin. It's one of the two is what the two


I just remember growing up. It doesn't even sound like a nickname. I would even want


It just mean you stand people. Oh, that's what you got to think if we got an engine or you're


Stam people


But welcome back to TTW live ladies and gentlemen of 2021 NBA season is wrapped


Warriors in six was the final and a very convincing win


One with Seth Curry's point net his finger in the second or in the third quarter


You know, we we were all watching it together. I'm pretty sure we were all in there


We just knew from the very early on. Yeah, this is kind of wraps. Well actually early on it seemed like the


Celts are about to run away with it with that 12 to 4 run then a warrior's being a veteran


That team that they are call time out. They got these shit together and they came on they handle business right after that


Mm-hmm. Yeah, 52 to 25 run to in the first half


Was crazy was crazy especially because if you flip the numbers if you two and 25


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