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91: MilfHunting ft. Yung Gravy

Sofia with an F

Sloot Media

Comedy, Society & Culture, Relationships

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🗓️ 25 August 2022

⏱️ 53 minutes

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DAMN GRAVY U SO VICIOUSSSS You know the rest. Today Sofia is joined by the one and only Yung Gravy! The rapper and MILF-matician himself graces the Sloot airwaves to discuss challenging topics, starting with the differentiation between the Gluck Gluck 3000 and 9000 (he came in with pressing questions for Sofia, obviously). Because of his love for MILF’s, Sofia surprises Gravy (and the Sloots) with a FaceTime from the woman of his dreams…Kendra Lust! Kendra is then put on the spot with the life or death decision of who she’d rather sleep with, Sofia or Gravy. Finally, Gravy lets us in on his love life, the dynamics of being a rappers “lady friend” and the latest on his recent TikTok beef and fling with Sherri Nicole, Addison Rae’s mom. This duo is EXACTLY what you would imagine Sloots, chaotic mixed with extreme sexual tension. Stay tuned for where Sofia’s *ride* on the Gravy Train takes her next. Follow Sofia on Instagram and Twitter @SofiaFranklyn Find merch HERE: https://sofiafranklyn.com/ Vegamour: http://www.vegamour.com/SOFIA and use code SOFIA to save 20% Away: http://www.awaytravel.com/SOFIA to start your 100-day trial Cerebral: http://www.cerebral.com/SOFIA for 65% off your first month Upside: Download the FREE Upside App and use promo code SOFIAF to get $5 or more cash back on your first purchase of 10$ or more To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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What's up everybody? Welcome to Sophia with an F. I am recording from WTF Media Studios


Black Own Studio, Sheik, Soho, Fancy as fuck. I have to say this and I'm going to continue


to say it, subscribe to the YouTube and without further ado, let me introduce my mother fucking


guest, Young Gravy. Hi. Hey baby. How are you? We are out here in New York. I'm so blessed


to be here. Man, shout out to Kendra Lush, shout to Sophia Franklin. I keep wanting to


call you young. I'm going to call you Matt because your real name is Matthew. People


that are active on Facebook call me young. Okay. People who know me personally, call me


Matt. People who are somewhere in between call me Gravy. Okay. I prefer to call me Matthew.


Matt or Matthew. Can I call you Matt? That feels the most natural to me. Call me Matthew


Raymond. That's like, you know, that's gonna do some shit. We'll say that one for the


end, you know what I mean? But we are sipping on Rose. There's gonna be whiskey involved


in a minute and let's just let's if I can get into it because to be honest, Matt, slash


young Gravy. That's be honest. Slash Mr. Gravy. When I have guests on, I 99% of the time know


exactly who they are, what the combo is going to be, what's up? You are like a big question


Mark. You're an enigma wrapped in a riddle and I just need you to explain to me who is


young Gravy? Who is he? Enigma wrapped in a riddle. I like to


I like to have some. I can be on one of your albums. I can write lyrics for you. I can dig it.


I can dig it. Young Gravy. Aside from being a super successful fucking rapper, right?


I'm a huge social media presence. And a huge tick. And really tall. And an amazing set


of hair. Aside from those things. The only thing you forgot was girth, but yes, I am from


Minnesota, I'm a Midwest boy. I made rap music. I went to college. I like Bernatts. I know


it. I don't want to discriminate. I like everything. I'm tall. I meditate. I love old


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