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90 Day Fiance S10 E3 - To Celebrate the Union

90 Day Fiance Cray Cray

90 Day Fiancé Cray Cray

Tv & Film

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🗓️ 23 October 2023

⏱️ 61 minutes

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Dane paid for a percentage of Jasmine's new ass, but she's not going to tell Gino; After one single night, Rico Suave now respects Manuel as "the man of the house," per Ashley. Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this episode. Visit BetterHelp.com/CRAYCRAY to get 10% off your first month. Sign up for our premium podcast feed with 3x the content! Just go to https://www.realitycraycray.com/ for a 30 second sign up for as little as $5, or if you already have a Patreon account, go to http://patreon.com/realitycraycray. Follow us: Instagram: @90dayfiancecraycray and @going.kyle Twitter: @realitycraycray Online: http://realitycraycray.com Leave us a review: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/90-day-fiance-cray-cray/id1423940128 Leave random feedback: http://realitycraycray.com/contact Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Hey everybody welcome to 90 day fiance cray crray-Cray. I'm Kim.


And I'm Kyle, and I do not smell any fungus or bedbugs in the murder closet that I'm currently


recording in.


I wasn't aware that bedbugs had a smell or that one could detect


them via smell. You can probably if you can smell them you're probably currently inhaling them through your nostrils.


I'd say that it's a nice little visual for you right there to start off the podcast.


It's great. I mean I'm also not sure that I don't have


the most steady hand is something you want to hear from someone inserting anything into your ass.


I mean, really.


I actually assumed, I thought that she was asking him to insert into her


newly virginized vagina to open open the damn up.


Welcome to 90 day fiance, Craig Craig.


Put your children to bed.


How did we get here? This is what I'm talking about. This is what I'm doing with my life.


You know what I really appreciated was a Manuel. He has


been, he has not been my experience with whiskey dick.


That has not been my experience with men that drink too much whiskey,


but I'm glad it has that effect on him.


I like whiskey and it hasn't been a problem for me, but also I don't get completely shit-faced since I've been in my 20s really so that's probably


like the actual problem right?


Yeah that is I know I just love that he like called it out. He's like we had whiskey. So yeah, I was banging all night.


Oh, everyone was banging this episode. Everyone's too much. I don't know. Do you think so? Am I


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