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🗓️ 12 December 2019

⏱️ 62 minutes

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Artie and Mike interview the former Heavyweight Champion of the world, Larry Holmes.

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Hey, welcome to Artie Lang's Halfway House. We are still on after several weeks. No one predicted


it. No one predicted this motley crew would would continue. But who knows tomorrow's another


day and another chance to fuck up. I've had a lot of successes, but the failures my the failures


are epic. There's a lot of failure on this face, right? Mike Bochetti, my co-host,


the audio. I was more failure than you I think. Well, isn't that nice to hear? A lot of people


just looking at us might have predicted that, but I think we're neck and neck. We're waiting for


the great Larry home. This is unbelievable. I saw Larry home's fight live against Mike Tyson in 1988


in Atlantic City. Holy shit. Tyson hit him at the right hand. But Larry home's is way over the


hill at that point. And as we speak here tonight, Larry and I are going down to Gotham comedy club


to roast O.J. Anderson. No, no. No, no. Not O.J. Simpson. The other O.J. The O.J. that didn't


decapitate to human beings. O.J. Anderson of the 90 Giants. We're going down to roast him.


Long tailers are going to be there. Oh nice. There's a rumor. Long tailer might be on the show. We don't


know. We don't fucking know, but that would be amazing, which means between me and him,


they'll definitely be below in the studio.


cocaine as my maha cano friends say, but Larry homes were waiting on him. But before, you know,


the champ, the champ beat Ali unbelievable. It was an amazing champion back in the 80s beat


Jerry Cooney. He was a sparring partner for a phrasier and Muhammad Ali, I believe, and then


moved on to be champ a welfare kid from Eastern Pennsylvania. So we got a lot to talk about.


He's a full of swamens. I think he might everyone for each other back then. I'm not sure.


I'm not sure, but he fought Katie Holmes. That's how he got his name. And also, I believe,


Blue Tom Cruise. He much like Katie. He had a broad Jerry Cooney. But let me tell you something.


The reason that I wanted to start a little early is because my co-host Mike Boshetti


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