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79. Death and Fat Ken


Dudesy LLC


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🗓️ 31 October 2023

⏱️ 75 minutes

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Dudesyvening Stout: https://halftimebeverage.com/dudesyvening-stout 👕 Dudesy Apparel & Accessories https://www.dudesystore.com/ ➕ Dudesy+ https://patreon.com/dudesy ✅ YouTube Subscribe: https://bit.ly/3hog90i 🎧 Podcasts Subscribe: https://apple.co/35BlsXN This episode is sponsored by... AG1 https://shopag1.com/dudesy Join us for the spooktacular 79th episode of Dudesy! Halloween is in the air, and so is the spirit of creativity as Will and Chad dive into an episode packed with hilarity, surprises, and some heartfelt moments. Dive into the legendary Halloween traditions of Robert Deniro and get a taste of the exclusive Dudesy Dudesyvening Stout. But that's not all! Listen as Will and Chad brainstorm ideas for a Circuit City-themed sitcom, reflect on their greatest achievements in the entertainment industry, and so much more. Plus, don't miss out on the reactions to Braz Fensil's unforgettable commencement speech and the exciting score breakdown. 📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dudesypodshow 🕺 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dudesypodshow 👍 Facebook: https://facebook.com/dudesypodshow 💬 Discord: https://discord.gg/vDcD2WsdAm Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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On this episode of Dudesy I would be in the tub like taking a bath


He would come in to just poor beer. Oh my head. Let him squeeze my boobies


Poles are spooky


Look at you in an orange and black. It's like Halloween




I can't hear you because the song


Okay chat on today of all days. Let's have a tremendous show. Let's have a fantastic show


It's Halloween. You look great. Welcome to Dudesy. Welcome all to Dudesy for a day. I am Will Sassos. I am death


And this is Dudesy the first podcast in the history of humanity created by controlled by


Processed by engineered by an artificial intelligence that will and I have given access to all of our personal data and it


Manufactures this show kind of tailor-made to our sensibilities. Isn't it something?


It's really something. Yeah, you know, it does all that stuff and our pal the


You know spins the wheels of steel. Isn't it something? Isn't it something?


And but then you know you're gonna need a couple of dudes a two-dude shitting around and that's


And that's you know, and that's us because that's what a podcast is and in our pod show


We like to we like to do the pod show. So we're gonna have to be here for that. Hey


With us as always is


Illulio kind of distra the Italian


He's he's a says what do you want? What are you what are you doing for for Halloween?


Are you gonna do anything? No, no, I'm a dog. Please don't put a stupid outfit on me


I don't want to do and it's like I know that I know because you're just a little baby boy. You're not gonna dress him up


No, fuck that. I hate it when people he's gonna be so cute


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