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77. The Taylor Swift Conspiracy


Dudesy LLC


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🗓️ 10 October 2023

⏱️ 75 minutes

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Popping to store or shop online. Jane loved crisps. She ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Even at Fancy Pants restaurants. Your crisps, madam. Years went by but then crisps stopped


doing it for her. They got her thrown out of cinemas. And were forever in the bedsheets.


crisps. They're kind of like your current account. Just because they were good ones doesn't mean


you have to stick with them forever. Maybe it's time to switch with the current account switch


service. Enjoy the show. On this episode of Doodzie. Trans Witches for abortion. Will you marry me? No.








Yeah, cheers. We still haven't figured out what's in that hole.


One of these days. Hey, welcome to Doodzie. Welcome all. It's a Doodzie full day. The day


after Canadian Thanksgiving, I'm Will Sasso. I'm Chad Colchian. And this is, of course, Doodzie,


the only podcast in the history of our short species time spent on this planet that has


controlled by and run by and created by an artificial intelligence that has access to all of


Will and I's personal data. All of our email messages, text messages, everything we've watched,


bought, eaten, listened to. And it uses all that data to tailor the show to our comedic sensibilities.


And it's also given me this. What's that? The episode championship belt, which I have now retained


for so many I've lost money. It's a good thing. That's a good thing. The Chad has the belt.


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