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7 - Lost Time

13 Alibis

NBC News

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🗓️ 16 May 2019

⏱️ 9 minutes

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It’s been more than 20 years since Richard Rosario was convicted of a murder he says he could not possibly have committed. If he didn’t do it, who did? And what’s next for Rosario and his family? This is the final episode of Dan Slepian’s 3-year investigation.

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They let you go like if nothing ever happened and I have to live with all the scores and


eternally and people expect me to be happy.


It's now been three years since Richard Rosario was freed after spending 20 years in prison.


He says the transition has been harder than he expected.


I was in a cage and I would lay in that bed thinking all day about what I would do if I came home and when I finally came home it was in nothing like I thought it would be.


I'm Dan Slepian and this is the final episode of 13 Alibis.


Being released was the happiest day in my life but then I had to try to figure out how to you know just deal with society, deal with people you know just to learn the rules of life again and it's been difficult what to do what not to do how to talk.


How to present myself.


There's a stereotype that after an innocent person has been freed you must be thrilled but it's a little more complicated than that says Rosario.


It caught up with him in mid-March 2019.


He says he has flashbacks almost like a prisoner of war.


It just recently I was in the kitchen just cutting something I was preparing food and I started crying and it was because I had a dream when I was in jail that I was home doing exactly that.


I froze I didn't know if I was still there I didn't know if I was still in jail so a lot of times I feel confused.


I know I'm home I'm happy but then I go through different emotions stress and depression I can't stay still I can't be around too many people and it caused a lot of problems between me and my children and you know in relationships with people in general.


He says the trauma of his ordeal has made it difficult to work.


You haven't gotten a job?


Well I tried working I had gotten a job they gave me a job in construction I was part of a work crew that I realized came from prison and as soon as I felt like I was back there I just walked off the job site.


I didn't even come back I can't be around that.


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