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61. Thick Jocks


Dudesy LLC


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🗓️ 13 June 2023

⏱️ 76 minutes

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How you healing up from your Mexican scooter accident? It wasn't a Mexican scooter accident


It was a scooter accident in Mexico. You fucking racist my my body's still in a lot of pain. Thank you for asking


Yeah, my pleasure, dude


My pain is your pleasure, dude. Oh, hold on, dude. Pain is pleasure, dude


When you're you're in the gym dude and you're clanging a bang


Well, one will don't talk during the song brother


There you go, no one can hear that the do you know that


Group in the 90s it was a 90s rap group


I'm not talking to you right now


And now I have to do now I have to do the show


Sort of why oh hey, I didn't say he didn't oh, we're off the horrible start


Welcome to doozy. I'm Will sasso. Ah, I'm Jack Colchon. I can't laugh. Oh my god


Did you can't laugh you can't call I fell off the school you're gonna do I'm gonna do today's show


I'm Chad Colchon. This is doozy. This is the first podcast the only podcast in the history of humanity completely run by control


By creative I can see by an artificial intelligence has access to willonize


Intermost thoughts and data all of our Netflix viewing history our Instagrams are in emails text messages


And it takes all that information and it makes this podcast yeah around our sense of yeah


Yeah, yeah, sure it does all that stuff, but it's really just to dude shit around okay


Doozy can do whatever doozy does, but it's really us. It's us. We we are doozy. We make the show don't get off


Well, hold on dude as the immortal Scott Hall rest in peace would say yeah


Get off of a i's dick dude real quick what I was saying about bwp bitches with problems


Oh, yeah, I remember bitches with problems old 90s rap outfit


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