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6 Tips for Building Better Habits: How to Set Yourself Up for Success, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Create The Life You Want with Rob Dial

Life with Marianna

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🗓️ 23 January 2024

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Do you want to unlock your potential by building better habits? Do you keep holding yourself back and self-sabotaging? Join Life & Mindset/Business Coach Rob Dial, the host of The Mindset Mentor podcast and author of Level Up, as he shares practical and accessible steps to help you establish and achieve the habits you desire. In this episode, we explore Rob's unique perspective on the dopamine reward system, emphasizing the importance of celebrating the effort invested rather than solely focusing on the end goal. Gain valuable insights into results-based and action-based goal setting, delve into the significance of keystone habits, and discover the impact of committing to one consistent practice for 100 days. This podcast is your gateway to understanding the power of accountability partners, overcoming doubts and fears, and adopting the #1 habit practiced by successful individuals. Be prepared to leave with actionable strategies for fostering intentionality and eliminating distractions in your daily life. 


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Hi, it's Mariana. I am the co-founder of Summer Fridays and host of the Life with


Mariana Podcast. In this episode it is all


about building better habits. So there's a podcast that I listen to and I love it. It's


called The Mindset Mentor. It's with Rob Dial. He's a life and mindset and business coach and he has so many good episodes.


Not only is his podcast something that I learned so much from, but he's also an author.


His book is called Level Up How to Get Focused, Stop Procrastinating, and Upgrade Your Life,


And I feel like these are things that I just need a little bit more help with.


Since he is an expert in all of these things, I really wanted to ask him so many things like


tips for building better habits, how to set yourself up for


success getting out of your own way and creating the life that you want so if you want


to unlock your potential keep listening if you're interested in getting a copy of the


book we're gonna send it to a few of you guys just


screenshot this episode, posted on your Instagram stories, and tag Rob and I, and we will send you guys some copies of the book


along with some Summer Friday's products.


And before we get into this episode talking all about habits and tips for


building better habits I wanted to show you guys a few things that have worked for me.


I get really overwhelmed if I try to add too many new habits at a time So I really like to try to focus on one thing that I can incorporate


and then once I feel like I've got that kind of down that it's like a master or it's becoming second nature to me,


that's when I'll add something else. And I don't just


give up after a month. I really like to try to do this over a long period of time because


if these are lifelong habits that I want to build or build upon,


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