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57: A Slootmas Gift Guide

Sofia with an F

Sloot Media

Comedy, Society & Culture, Relationships

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🗓️ 2 December 2021

⏱️ 69 minutes

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Santa baby, I want a yacht, and really...that's not a lot Do you guys smell that? It's the smell of spilled spiked egg nog because you decided to go through your boyfriend's phone when you guys were supposed to be watching Charlie Brown's Christmas Special! Yes...it's the holidays Sloots. And per usual, with the holidays comes a whole lot of fuckery. Gift giving, more importantly: gift receiving, being forced to go to your Aunt Shirley's house who you hate - all wholesome activities that'll really put you in the holiday spirit, right? Luckily, Sofia is here to coach you every step of the way this holiday season with a VERY in-depth gift guide suitable for ALL budgets. In this episode, you'll find out who deserves a gift, who doesn't, and how much you should (or shouldn't) spend. Aside from helping you figure out which Old Navy cardigan you should get your boyfriend, Sofia then unpacks the overlooked beauty that is being talked through an orgasm. It's a real art form that you NEED to implement into your sex life. And if you don't have an active sex life, we have a Tik Tok for you that will give the same effect to you and your womanizer toy. Lastly, we have a special appearance from Sofia's younger brother Lucas, and there's also a prank call live on air? Clearly, things are a little unhinged around here, but it's the season of giving so who cares! Eggnog shots anyone? PSA: NEW HOLIDAY MERCH AVAILABLE NOW. RECEIVE 10% BY SUBSCRIBING TO TEXTS ONSOFIAFRANKLYN.COM Follow Sofia on Instagram and Twitter @SofiaFranklyn Find merch HERE: https://sofiafranklyn.com/ Episode promo codes: Glamnetic: http://glamnectic.com/SOFIA and enter promo code SOFIA at checkout for 30% off! ShipStation : http://shipstation.com promo click on the microphone at the top and enter promo code SOFIA for a 60 day free trial and 2 months free shipping Calm: http://calm.com/SOFIA for 40% off a premium subscription Talkspace: http://talkspace.com promo code SOFIA for $100 off To learn more about listener data and our privacy practices visit: https://www.audacyinc.com/privacy-policy Learn more about your ad choices. Visit https://podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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Woo! Welcome to the show, guys. That was a little bit of an annoying way to start it, but I can't


fucking help it. I am in high spirits today. I was just listening to 3-6 Mafia.


I have a cup of spiked agnog. I have a crop top on, and I'm just like unstoppable right now.


Before we dive into Sophia with an F, which is the name of the show, which I forget to say from time to time,


please rate, review, and subscribe to the show. Please. Actually, you know what, we're gonna do.


We're gonna do a little different this time since I'm gonna be sitting on Instagram for the next 24


hours straight. How about you guys repost this episode to your story? Because I am gonna be


stalking and blowing up your guys' shit, liking, commenting on all your posts. I'm gonna make


your ex jealous. I'm gonna comment shit. Like, oh my god, how did a great time last night?


It's gonna be fun as shit. Real talk. That sounds like so much fun. I'll do the same.


Okay, Alex is gonna do it too. Repost this episode to your story, and we will be all up on your


feet. All up in your shit. God knows that we're gonna comment, but you know what? I guess we'll


all collectively find out. Okay, so update. What has happened? Hanika started.


Thanksgiving ended. Let's talk about Thanksgiving. Yes. By the way, my producer is here.


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