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🗓️ 28 December 2021

⏱️ 63 minutes

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Artie hangs out with the one and only Bubba the Love Sponge and Mike Bocchetti joins.

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We're back with Arty Langs. Hey, if we have Mike Bush, Shetty is joining us now Hendrix. You like Hendrix, huh?


Don't ever be another one. We're two guitarists. I think nobody ever match. I got you. Jimmy


and Don Beggar. Yeah, both dead. Both both died early death. I had a shot of rumpelman, I believe it


wasn't. I was shot of the egg with Don Beggar three days before you got killed. And it is weird


when you see when you get to know, like I got to know farly a little bit when you look up on the


news and you see those two days, 65 to 97 or whatever it was rough. But you know, okay, you're just selfish,


right? Think about Christians, right? He's so unique to be and to never be another


father. No, absolutely not. And that's what the role you're trying to take over now, aren't you?


The never another pollution? Well, that's true. Well, what about Jim Belushi?


He's technically another Belushi. To be fair to John, he did. To be fair to Jim, I mean,


you know, it's for what the still John sure is to begin with. Literally. I think he was like a size five


with width of 18 feet. Now Jim is good at what he does, but he's not John. Now you're on a first


name basis with both of them. But you know what's really cool when we did something other than this


interview. Yeah. But Kevin's father came on. He was awesome. He looks just like Chris.


Chris fries brother Kevin. He does. He absolutely does. And he has another brother. John is real thin


and doesn't look like him. He looks like somebody's thin, thin version of him.


You just broke the truck. You know, Kevin, look exactly like Chris.


Now I'm like to lose weight. You consider smoking crystal meth just for like a month.


No, I started working out like you should. I got that. It's not going to work like crystal meth,


bro. It'll paint the way it just drops off you.


Yeah, like the. Yeah, but you also have psychotic episodes probably.


I sure bring that up. Should bring up the one negative about it. You make me sick. Get off the sand.


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